Yoshikawa Nigari is a spice whose name sounds very exotic and somewhat mysterious. The veil of mystery is evaded when we say that it is sea salt, but not so ordinary. It is worth getting acquainted with the qualities of this spice, because it not only gives the dishes a taste, but also is a healthier and more valuable alternative to commonly used kitchen salt in our kitchens. Hold on tight - we present NIGARI.

It is well known that salt is one of the oldest and best-known humanities of spices that enrich the taste of dishes. It is used by people all over the world, regardless of where in the world they are. Thanks to salt, we get the effect of full flavor and is a spice used for all types of dishes - both sweet and dry. It is so widely used that most of us do not think about its impact on health. It's a pity. It is worth spending a moment and learning about healthier substitutes of table salt - about Himalayan salt, kala namak, or just about NIGARI.

Yoshikawa Nigari salt - what is it?

This salt is obtained from seawater. It is a by-product formed during the production of ordinary sea salt. It differs from the standard one in that it is made up of ninety-five percent magnesium chloride. It has a characteristic bitter-salty taste and the appearance of white flakes. Pheomenally blends in with soy milk and acts as a coagulant cutting milk in the production of tofu. Very good effect on the fluffiness and softness of dishes. First of all, it is recommended to people who are on a vegetarian and vegan diet and all those who like and look for new, unusual flavors and exotic inspirations in their kitchen.

Why is it worth to buy Nigari?

Many people are still in the mistaken belief that the type of salt used has no effect on the taste of the dishes being prepared or on their health. However, more and more people who care about themselves, eat healthy, instead of using ordinary table salt, decide to use this unique sea salt. Unlike traditional spices, Yoshikawa Nigari contains much more nutrients valuable to health and the body. This is the result of the method used to obtain sea salt by evaporating water. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to refine the obtained raw material, that is its purification. That is why Nigari salt is a rich source of micro- and macroelements and has many above-average properties with undeniable benefits for the body. Regular use of NIGARI helps detoxify the body and successfully helps to compensate for magnesium deficiency in the body.

Nigari - how to use?

Yoshikawa Nigari salt is called white gold due to its versatile use. It is used both for cooking and for treatment. A very important and valued element contained in this sea salt is iodine, essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid, but also for the work of the heart. For those who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, interesting and valuable information may be the fact that iodine burns excess fat in the body. It is worth mentioning also that this element prevents the effects of radioactive materials and greatly improves the psychophysical efficiency of humans. The main ingredient of the Yoshikawa Nigari salt, or magnesium chloride, effectively prevents depression, it is also used in the treatment of infectious diseases. White gold also contains a lot of zinc, which in turn has a positive effect on the health of the skin and simultaneously treats her various types of changes such as acne. This salt also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It positively affects blood circulation and delays the aging process.
Most people have become accustomed to using ordinary salt in the kitchen. However, keeping in mind your health and your loved ones, it is worth turning it into sea salt Yoshikawa Nigari, whose health properties are invaluable. We welcome the fact that the salt of Yoshikawa Nigari is beginning to appreciate more and more people, also in Poland.

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