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BIO Białko Konopne - Ekologiczne - Suplement Diety - 200g
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Organic Hemp Protein
BIO Białko z Ryżu - Ekologiczne - Suplement Diety - 200g
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Organic Rice Protein
Miks Białek Roślinnych BIO - 350g - Suplement Diety
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Organic Plant Protein Mix
BIO Białko z Grochu - Ekologiczne - Suplement Diety - 400g
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Organic Pea Protein
BIO Białko z Bobu - Ekologiczne - Suplement Diety
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Organic Fava Bean Protein
BIO Kotlety z Grochu i Bobu - 170g
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Plant-based protein

Natural vegetable protein powder

In the ekogram.pl store you will find various types of vegetable protein in the form of dietary supplements , which are an excellent alternative to animal protein. Plant proteins are vegan proteins that can be used in exactly the same form as whey proteins. They are intended for people who want to supplement their diet with protein and ensure the correct balance of macronutrients. Plant proteins are a valuable source of amino acids that support the development of muscle mass, ensure proper regeneration after exercise, prevent catabolism, and support the body in maintaining good health. Our assortment includes:

Organic vegetable protein

All our vegetable proteins are bio . And this means that they come from ecological crops that are environmentally friendly and carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, in which no chemical fertilizers or artificial plant protection products are used.

What is the difference between plant protein and whey protein?

Whey protein is nothing more than simply animal protein isolated from whey , i.e. milk . It is therefore not suitable for people with lactose intolerance or for vegans. Our all organic proteins are plant-based and 100% vegan .

Organic hemp protein

Hemp protein Ekogram is obtained in the process of cold pressing organic seeds of edible hemp, which is a completely different plant species than Indian hemp, known for its psychoactive effect.

Hemp is the most complete source of plant -based protein and the only complete plant-based protein . It contains all the essential exogenous amino acids that the body is unable to synthesize itself and must be supplied with food. Hemp protein is also classified as a superfood . It is a source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals as well as omega-3 and omega-6 acids , found in hemp in a favorable 3:1 ratio.

Our hemp protein is 100% vegan and naturally gluten-free ! Both children and the elderly can eat them. Added to a cocktail or oatmeal, it will be great for people who actively practice sports , who have given up consuming animal products and using standard protein supplements. Already two tablespoons of hemp protein contain approx. 6 g of well-absorbed protein, allowing you to supplement your daily protein intake.

Post-workout plant protein

Athletes and people actively training for strength require an increase in the supply of protein in the diet, which is the basic building block of our body and makes up about 20% of the human body weight. Each workout leads to the formation of micro-damages in the muscle tissue, which needs amino acids from protein to repair muscle fibers and contribute to effective post-workout regeneration and muscle development. Vegetable protein supplement is very well suited for people with lactose intolerance and vegans , where it becomes impossible to use whey supplements, in which milk is the source of protein.

Vegetable protein powder - how to use?

Plant-based protein supplements can be used in many different ways. Add vegetable protein to your favorite juices, smoothies, yoghurts, oatmeal, pancakes, pancakes, omelettes, homemade bread, cakes, protein bars, ice cream, salads or scrambled eggs. There are also no contraindications for you to mix 1 tablespoon of vegetable protein with water and drink it to your health.

Vegetable protein - for whom?

Vegetable protein in the form of hemp , rice , pea or broad bean protein is suitable for anyone who wants to supplement their daily diet with proteins. It is especially recommended in a vegan diet and in people with lactose intolerance , as well as a dietary supplement for athletes who avoid typical whey protein supplements.