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masło orzechowe bio smooth - 350g - ekogram
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Organic Peanut Paste
mus kokosowy bio pasta kokosowa 250g
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Organic Creamed Coconut
Organic Sweet Dream
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Organic Sweet Dream
masło migdałówe bio 300g - ekogram
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Organic Almond Paste
Pasta z Orzechów Laskowych BIO - 300g - ekogram
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Organic Hazelnut Paste
fistaszkowa wyspa - peanut island
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Organic Peanut Island 300g
bio sezamowy pocałunek 300g - ekogram
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Organic Sesame Kiss 300g
tahini bio 300g - ekogram
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Organic Tahini - Sesame Paste
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Nut butters

Natural pastes and peanut butters without additives

At Ekogram, we know how to make the best butters and nut pastes that not only taste amazing , but are also made from the best quality, selected ingredients.

All our nut butters and pastes are 100% natural and free of unnecessary additives such as sugar, salt or palm oil! We guarantee that Ekogram products are the best choice for you and your loved ones. Because quality and taste are our highest priority!

And once you try our classic - 100% Peanut Butter or wonderfully creamy Tahini , we are sure that you will stay with us for longer and go on a long, sensual journey through exotic flavors.

At Ekogram, we care about the environment

We run a responsible business, which is why we search, test and select only the best raw materials from proven suppliers from around the world. The nuts we use to produce Ekogram butters and nut pastes come exclusively from certified organic farming , subject to strict and regular inspections.

When reaching for eco-friendly raw materials, we have your highest good and health in mind, but we also want to consciously care for the natural environment and our planet.

As eco-lifestyle enthusiasts and taste experts , we can offer you a wide range of spreads and nut butters , of which we are very proud. Choose your favorite flavor and see for yourself that at Ekogram we know what we're doing!

Peanut butters made from 100% nuts

Don't you think life without peanut butter would be boring? We agree that the taste of this specialty can change your mood even on the most depressing day. Our offer includes the king of peanut butters - the best quality 100% natural peanut butter obtained from roasted peanuts with a delicate, sweet and salty taste, a perfectly creamy consistency and a unique aroma.

We would also like to introduce you to delicious organic cashew nut butter , which is a real mine of nutrients and in this respect beats all other types of nuts! Cashew butter additionally increases the level of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, which makes you immediately forget about your sadness after trying it.

If you have never had the opportunity to test 100% natural coconut mousse, you must change that! Ekogram coconut paste is our hit! It is made by grinding organic coconut flesh, which gives it the consistency of a thick cream. The sweet, coconut flavor makes coconut mousse an ideal topping for pancakes, pancakes or omelets . It is also a perfect addition to vegan desserts . You can even make your own homemade coconut milk with the help of this fantastic product. Just blend a small amount of mousse with water and organic coconut milk for oatmeal or coffee is ready!

Your taste buds may also be delighted by the melt-in-your-mouth 100% Almond Butter . Did you know that the almond is a very close relative of the peach? But back to the topic, almond cream is not only very healthy, but also delicious! It goes well with baked goods, desserts and warm dishes such as pancakes, waffles and toast.

We wouldn't be ourselves if we let you pass by Pistachio Butter , which will charm you with its taste, but also with its original color that will give your dishes a refined look.

Nut pastes without sugar and palm oil

Especially for you , we have created a few unique recipes that turned the classic peanut butter into a paste with a heavenly taste . Our nut pastes bring joy and relief to the senses.

The Real Peanut Island takes you on a cruise to an exotic island. By combining organic peanuts with coconut pulp and organic agave nectar, we have obtained a paste with an extremely velvety consistency and very satisfying taste, which can successfully replace your favorite dessert.

The Real Sweet Dream will satisfy even the greatest gourmand's appetite for sweets in a healthy way. The sweetness of this paste is given by organic, long-ripening dates in the sun. Sweet Dream was created for lovers of the popular hazelnut-cocoa cream , who are looking for a healthier and natural alternative. We guarantee that a dessert or even a simple slice of bread spread with The Real Sweet Dream will be loved by both children and adults.

The best tahini for hummus

In the Nut Butters and Pastes category you will also find excellent and irreplaceable , aromatic Tahini made from organic roasted sesame seeds. Use them as an ingredient in hummus, halva, sauces and dips inspired by the flavors of Middle and Far East cuisine.

How to eat peanut butter?

You can always eat our butters and nut pastes with a spoon straight from the jar or reach the heights of your culinary skills by preparing original and tasty breakfasts, desserts, sauces or cocktails.

How is peanut butter made?

The process of creating peanut butter gives us great fun! First, we carefully select the nuts and choose only the best pieces. The nut must be fresh, firm and juicy. Then we bake the nuts in our roasting room to bring out the depth of flavor and aroma. This step is also necessary to obtain a super creamy and silky texture of the butter. Roasted and cooled nuts are then crushed and ground into a paste in a special grinder. Finally , we pour the finished peanut butter into glass jars, thanks to which it retains all its qualities for a long time.

How to make peanut butter at home?

If you would like to prepare your own homemade peanut butter, choose any type of nuts from our offer. Also, prepare a powerful blender and reserve a moment of free time. If your kitchen is equipped with a cup blender , you can say that you are at home, but you can also use a hand blender to prepare creamy and fluffy peanut butter. You just need to arm yourself with a bit of patience.

You can roast the nuts for a few minutes in a dry frying pan. Then, pour them into a blender container and pulse mix until you get a liquid, aromatic paste. Stop blending every few minutes to prevent overheating. Attention! The finished peanut mass is very hot, so handle it carefully.

How to store peanut butter?

Store peanut butter at room temperature, preferably in a closed cupboard or drawer. This ensures that it retains its liquid, creamy consistency. You can also keep the butter in the fridge, but then it will become firmer and more compact.

A natural layer of oil may collect on the surface of the nut paste. Do not pour it out, because it is a valuable protection that makes the butter retain all its valuable properties for a long time. Before using the product, all you have to do is stir the butter vigorously with a spoon to restore its perfect consistency.

What is the difference between butter and peanut paste?

In our store, the terms “ peanut butter ” and “ peanut paste ” are used interchangeably. The same as “ nut mousse ” or “ nut cream ”. All these terms mean exactly the same thing.

Sticte "nut pastes" we call products consisting of several ingredients. But don't worry! This does not mean that we add salt or palm oil to them. This applies, for example, to The Real Peanut Island paste, which, in addition to peanuts, also contains organic coconut pulp and agave nectar.

According to the regulations that have been in force for several years, food called "butter" is dedicated exclusively to dairy products, which is why there are more and more synonyms for nut pastes. However, the expression "peanut butter" still functions in unofficial circulation as the colloquial name of this delicacy.