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bio migdały ekologiczne
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Organic Almonds
BIO Orzechy Nerkowca - Nerkowce - Ekologiczne - 200g
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Organic Cashew Nuts
bio orzechy brazylijskie ekologiczne
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Organic Brazil Nuts
BIO Orzechy Włoskie - Ekologiczne - 200g
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Organic Walnuts 200g
Orzechy nerkowca - nerkowce prażone bio - 300g - ekogram
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Organic Roasted Cashew Nuts
BIO Granola Migdałowa - Ekologiczna - 200g
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Organic Almond Granola 200g
Migdały prażone bio - 300g - ekogram
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Organic Almonds Roasted 300g
Organic Almond Flour 350g
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Organic Almond Flour 350g
BIO Orzechy Laskowe - Ekologiczne - 200g
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Organic Hazelnuts
BIO Orzeszki Piniowe - Orzechy Pinii - Ekologiczne - 100g
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Organic Pine Nuts 100g
BIO Orzechy Pekan - Ekologiczne - Pecan - 200g
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Organic Pecan Nuts 200g
BIO Pistacje - Surowe - 150g - Bez Skorupek - Ekologiczne
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Organic Raw Pistachios
BIO Orzechy ziemne - Prażone - Ekologiczne - 400g
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Organic Roasted Peanuts 400g
BIO Orzechy Ziemne - Surowe - Łuskane - Ekologiczne - 400g
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Organic Blanched Peanuts 400g
BIO Pistacje - Prażone - Solone - 300g - Ekologiczne
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Organic Pistachios Roasted Salted 300g
BIO Orzechy ziemne - Ekologiczne - Surowe - 500g
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Organic Raw Peanuts 500g
bio migdały łuskane 200g ekogram
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Organic Almonds - Blanched - 200g
BIO Pestki Dyni - Styria - Ekologiczne - 200g
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Organic Pumpkin Seeds
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BIO Suszony Kokos - Ekologiczny - 200g
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Organic Coconut Smiles 200g
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BIO Płatki Migdałowe - Migdały - Ekologiczne - 200g
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Organic Almond Flakes 200g
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BIO Orzechy Cedrowe - Orzeszki - Raw - Ekologiczne - 100g
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Organic Cedar Nuts
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BIO Migdały Ziemne 200g - Chufa - Ekologiczne
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Organic Tiger Nuts Chufa 200g
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A nut is unequal to a nut

Do you know what a real walnut should taste like? Each type of nut has a slightly different taste, shape and color . However, there are some common features that all varieties have in common. A fresh, good-quality nut should be firm, crunchy, tender, juicy, sweet or with a hint of bitterness . It must also have an intense color and aroma that immediately encourages you to munch on it. If you are unfamiliar with similar taste sensations when consuming nuts, it's high time you got acquainted with our offer and tasted the taste of a real nut , grown with care and in accordance with the highest standards.

Organic Nuts Ekogram

Did you know that all our nuts are BIO ? What does it mean? More or less, all the nuts available in the ekogram.pl health food store are 100% natural and organic products . Their cultivation is carried out using methods that are as safe as possible for the environment , in which absolutely no synthetic plant protection products or artificial fertilizers were used, and the plants themselves from which the nuts were harvested grew in maximum symbiosis with nature .

The highest quality BIO nuts

In our assortment you will find a whole range of great nuts that surprise with their freshness, taste and pleasant aroma . In Ekogram nuts you will not find broken pieces or crushed fines. We choose only proven suppliers who provide us with the highest quality product . In addition, the careful selection that we carry out in our production plant guarantees that the nuts you receive look and taste as if they had been plucked from a tree a moment ago. Do we have to convince you any longer? Meet some of our nut varieties!

Walnut - native, but so perfect

It may be unbelievable, and maybe even funny for some, but our bio walnuts do not come from Poland. Although walnut grows in many home gardens, Polish, ecological walnut plantations practically do not exist. Our walnuts come from Turkey , which is famous for many types of delicious nuts , and their cultivation and consumption is deeply rooted in Turkish culture. Walnuts are called Kuruyemis there and they are as fresh and tasty as can be.

Nothing is so associated with Polish autumn as a walnut. Well, maybe chestnut and pumpkin ... Crunch walnuts whenever you feel like an energetic snack . It is also a great addition to muesli, oatmeal, cakes or homemade chocolates . You can grind them into flour and make a valuable ingredient in a gluten-free cake . You can also prepare a traditional nutcracker from walnuts!

Almonds - straight from sunny Spain

Almonds are called the king of nuts ! We do not fully agree with this. Of course, almonds cannot be deprived of the title of king, because they are an extremely healthy and valuable component of the diet. Almonds, however, are not nuts, but ... fruits and are the edible seeds of a tree called the common almond.

In our offer you will find the best quality roasted almonds available in a glass jar that preserves their freshness, taste and smell . You can also reach for almond flour obtained by grinding whole, organic almonds, devoid of brown skin. Almond flour can be used for traditional baking or to make homemade almond milk . It will also work great as a gluten-free coating for chops or vegetables . And if you need a decoration for a birthday cake or poppy seed cake, choose organic almond flakes with a charming teardrop shape and delicate texture. In the ekogram.pl store you will also find nuts with the mysterious name ofground almonds Chufa , which contain almost the entire palette of nutrients, which is why the Egyptians called them " survival food ".

Pistachios - sweet and savory

We love pistachios for their unique color, taste and huge antioxidant potential. Apparently, a portion of pistachios has much more antioxidants than a glass of green tea, hence their green-purple color. In Ekogram you will find excellent organic roasted and salted pistachios or the highest quality raw pistachios, unsalted , unroasted and without shells straight from Spain, which, after opening the glass packaging, disappear in the blink of an eye. You can use pistachio nuts in many ways. Their unique color makes them a very original and elegant addition to many dishes, both those served sweet and more savory. Use pistachios to make cakes, strudels, marzipans, baklava, puddings or homemade ice cream. Add pistachios to salads, Italian-style pasta, meat rolls or pâtés, or make a Sicilian pistachio pesto that goes great with a slice of fresh baguette.

How to store nuts?

Nuts can stay fresh for many months. However, they should be properly stored. Preferably in a dark, dry and cool place. The pantry will definitely serve the shelf life of nuts. If we do not have such a place, a kitchen cabinet or drawer must suffice. Room temperature is not ideal for storing nuts, however, as they are more susceptible to rancidity. It is also worth limiting the supply of oxygen to nuts by closing them in airtight glass jars or plastic containers. Some also practice storing nuts in the refrigerator. This is a good way to extend the shelf life of nuts up to 1 year.

Do nuts need to be soaked?

Soaking nuts is not necessary, although many people practice this activity. Soaking removes phytic acid, which is considered an anti-nutrient that inhibits the absorption of certain minerals from food. Soaking can improve the assimilation of the minerals in nuts.

Which Nuts Have the Most Protein?

Peanuts have the most protein of all available nuts. There are about 26 g of protein in 100 g of peanuts. A little less, because 20 g of protein, have pistachios and almonds .

When can children eat nuts?

The first nuts can be given to a child after they are 6 months old. However, it is recommended to be especially careful and watch for any signs of allergies in your baby. It is best to start offering your child nuts with small portions of walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios.