Organic Roasted Peanuts 400g

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What are roasted peanuts

Peanuts, also known as peanuts, are not only nuts, but also the cycle of their formation is a natural phenomenon. They are the seeds of a plant known to botanists as cassava. And they are closer to beans or peas than to walnuts or cashews, because the peanut belongs to the legume family. The development of the peanuts begins as standard, i.e. from the flower. Then the wonders begin: the upper flowers produced by the orzacha are fired, and the fruit in the form of a pod is made only from the lower flowers, and in addition in the ground, where they are pushed by the faded flower stalk extending towards the ground. The pods are harvested whole; only the proper seeds are extracted from them, and after cleaning, they can be roasted.

Why is it worth using roasted peanuts without salt

Roasting peanuts gives them a very appetizing appearance, flavor and aroma. They should be reached by those who are looking for easily digestible, healthy protein and natural vitamins and valuable oils. Each peanut is a treasury of valuable amino acids (including arginine for muscle strength and endurance), fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants. It is also a warehouse full of vitamin B3 (niacin) and potassium. Peanuts should be used by those who are stressed out, busy, forgetful and those who want to take care of their figure and well-being at the same time, and at the same time ensure proper muscle mass and vitality.

How to use roasted peanuts?

The easiest way - crunching like an appetizing snack. Roasted peanuts can be ground, chopped and sprinkled on pastries and desserts or non-sweet dishes in this form . They can be added to vegetable or fruit smoothies or yoghurts. They are a great base for peanut butter and muesli and a healthy addition to improve the taste of sauces or soups.

Roasted peanuts - positive properties

Peanuts or roasted peanuts are characterized by a rich composition that has a positive effect on the functioning of the body. Thanks to this, they can be successfully used as an addition to dishes or as an independent snack. They are very filling, and besides, they accelerate the metabolism, so despite the high caloric content, their consumption does not cause weight gain . What's more, roasted peanuts support the functioning of the nervous system - they have a calming effect, as well as the muscular and skeletal system. They have a high protein content, and the ingredients they contain can lower blood sugar levels.

Product information

Producer: Michał Pelc ANAGRAM, Wiarusa 3/3, 32-087 Zielonki

100% BIO Roasted peanuts (dry roasted without the addition of oil and salt)

Country of origin:


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The product comes from organic farming, covered by the certificate: PL-EKO-03.

Allergens: The product may contain gluten, peanuts and other nuts, sesame and soy due to the processing in the facility where products containing these allergens are packed.
Expiration date: All products come from regular deliveries.

Roasted peanuts for nutritional values

Nutritional value in 100g of the product:
Energy value 2424 kJ / 579 kcal
Fat 49.1 g
including saturated fatty acids 6.8 g
Carbohydrates 13.5 g
including sugars 4.1 g
Protein 23.4 g
Salt 0.05 g

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Trochę jakby przypalone

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duzo drobniejsze i nie tak smaczne jak te z Argentyny, ktorych juz nie ma w ofercie :(