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Soda Oczyszczona - Spożywcza - Primär - 1kg
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Baking Soda - Primär

Cleaning agents

Cleaning products - ecological, no chemicals

Keeping your home tidy doesn't mean using harsh chemicals. Instead of liquids, powders, emulsions, gels or cleaning foams, you can choose ecological cleaning products without chemicals. They are natural, safe for health, and at the same time much more effective than the commonly advertised drugs.

Ecological cleaning agents without chemicals

We recommend baking soda in a large package and at a good price, the cleaning properties of which were already appreciated by our grandmothers. With the use of baking soda, you can clean virtually any surface , even difficult and dried dirt. It is a safe, effective and natural cleaning agent.

How about trying borax, which is sodium tetraborate? It is an ecological and inexpensive agent which, after adding water, can be used to make a paste that cleans various surfaces. It also works great as a stain remover for fabrics , both in hand washing and in a washing machine.

Citric acid will also help in natural and ecological cleaning. Large packages will last a long time.

For washing dishes, we recommend Sonett - calendula or lemon dishwashing liquid. It smells beautiful and contains only natural active substances. The dishes will be clean and your hands will be in perfect condition. Sonett is also an excellent quality ecological soap, especially recommended for allergy sufferers. Try them not only for washing the whole body, but also for washing.