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bio kakao ekologiczne 400g ekogram
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Organic Cocoa Powder
BIO Czekolada 200g - Dropsy - Ekologiczne
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Organic Chocolate Drops 200g
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Organic Cocoa Butter 250g
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Organic Carob 300g
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Organic Cocoa Beans 200g
BIO Kakaowiec - Surowe Wiórki - Kakaowca - Ekologiczne
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Organic Cocoa Nibs
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Cocoa products could not be missing in our organic shop. And we have quite a large collection to offer. At ekogram.pl you will find powdered cocoa, whole cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa chips and drops, as well as alternative carob, which is not obtained from the cocoa tree, but retains similar properties and taste as cocoa.

Organic cocoa

All our cocoa products are certified organic products . They come from organic cultivation located in humid tropical forests, where it is crucial to provide cocoa trees with the right conditions needed for the development of the plant at various stages of growth. The cocoa tree is quite a demanding guest, susceptible to diseases and very sensitive to any temperature fluctuations or drops in air humidity. Its cultivation requires intensive care and maintaining the right balance in access to sunlight, shade, air, water and nutrients. Growers do not use any chemicals, providing the trees with the most natural conditions for development.

How is organic cocoa made?

Ripe cocoa berries are harvested by hand, usually by cutting with machetes or knocking down with sticks. There are about 20-30 seeds in each pod, and about half a kilo of cocoa beans can be harvested from one tree. Then the pods are cut open and the white flesh is hulled and the grains undergo fermentation, drying and purification. At this point, they can go to the bags as raw cocoa beans or go through the next stages of processing, e.g. grinding into cocoa powder.

Cocoa - what to do with it?

Cocoa is the basic ingredient of chocolate. The most intense taste and aroma have tablets with a cocoa content of over 70%. Thanks to our products, you can prepare your own organic milk, dark or dark chocolate. Use cocoa powder or cocoa beans for this purpose, which you can grind into powder yourself. You can also eat whole cacao beans as a crunchy snack or break them into smaller pieces and add them to your morning oatmeal, favorite smoothie, yogurt or granola. Ground cocoa is perfect for making an aromatic, sweet and warming drink loved by children. Cocoa in the form of drops or chips is perfect as an ingredient of chocolate creams and coatings, cocoa pastries, pancakes, cakes or desserts served cold. Nut-cocoa mousse for bread or fruit in chocolate are suggestions that will delight many lovers of original sweets.

How to make drinking cocoa?

Delicious, aromatic, warming cocoa can be prepared on the basis of milk or a vegetable drink. In a saucepan, boil 2 cups of the selected liquid with 3 tablespoons of honey, sugar, xylitol or date syrup . Pour some of the hot milk into a bowl and add 4 tablespoons of cocoa. Mix thoroughly with a whisk, then add back to the pot and bring to the boil again. Ready cocoa pour into cups and decorate with crushed cocoa beans, cinnamon or chili flakes! Enjoy your meal!

What is the difference between carob and cocoa?

Carob is a powder obtained from the fruit of the carob tree growing in the Mediterranean climate. Also known as locust bean gum, it has a similar application to cocoa. However, it is a product devoid of caffeine, which cocoa contains in trace amounts. Carob, unlike dry and slightly bitter cocoa, has a naturally sweet, caramel flavor. It is also half as caloric and supposedly contains 3 times more calcium. It is an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers who cannot enjoy the taste of real cocoa.

How to make carob cocoa?

Carob cocoa is prepared in exactly the same way as traditional. However, there is no need to add any sweetener to it, because it has a naturally sweet taste.

How to use cocoa butter in the kitchen?

Cocoa butter is nothing more than the fat obtained from cocoa beans. Most often used as an ingredient in cosmetics, it also has a wide range of culinary uses. It is the basic ingredient of white chocolate, which does not contain cocoa. They can be used in baking instead of butter or margarine. It will also be great as an oil for frying pancakes, sweet pies or omelettes and for preparing savory dishes inspired by African, South American or Asian recipes.