Organic Cocoa Butter 250g

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What is cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is an edible, vegetable fat obtained from the seeds of ripe cocoa beans. Once harvested, they are thoroughly cleaned and then hot extruded. It becomes a solid at room temperature.

However, it dissolves at a temperature close to the temperature of our body, i.e. 35 degrees.

Why is it worth using cocoa butter on a regular basis

It is perfect especially as a massage oil and body lotion for the whole family. Its regular use allows us to keep our skin properly moisturized, and thus elastic. Due to the fact that it dissolves at body temperature, it is easily absorbed into the skin.

It also works great as an addition to organic soap and as a lip balm.

Cocoa butter is an extremely rich source of vitamin E, polyphenols and omega - 6 and omega - 9 acids, as well as stearic acid. Systematically used, it leads to the renewal and regeneration of the skin.

How can I use cocoa butter

In its raw form, it can be used as a personal care lotion. Before use, they can be gently heated and mixed with a small amount of oil (e.g. coconut) and left to cool down. Its small amount can also be added to ready-made lotions, shampoos or bath lotions.

Cocoa butter is a great, natural addition not only to cosmetics, but also ice cream, desserts and chocolate. Its use is practically unlimited.

Cocoa butter - a cosmetic for allergy sufferers

Cocoa butter is a great cosmetic that can be used by allergy sufferers and is safe for children. Moisturizes, regenerates the skin and gives it a unique slightly brown-golden color. The unique composition of the butter slows down the aging process of the skin - it makes wrinkles, scars and stretch marks less visible, firms and smoothes the skin, and contributes to reducing the so-called oxidative stress. Additionally, it protects against unfavorable external conditions, protects against solar radiation in summer, and strengthens weakened skin in winter.

Cocoa butter, thanks to its properties, will also be perfect in the kitchen as a food product, giving dishes and desserts a delicate chocolate aroma.

Product information - cocoa butter

Producer: Michał Pelc ANAGRAM, Wiarusa 3/3, 32-087 Zielonki

100% BIO Cocoa Fat (unscented)

Country of origin:

Dominican Republic

Net quantity:



The product comes from organic farming, covered by the certificate: PL-EKO-03.

Allergens: The product may contain gluten, peanuts and other nuts, sesame and soy due to the processing in the facility where products containing these allergens are packed.
Expiration date: All products come from regular deliveries.

Cocoa butter nutritional values

Nutritional value in 100g of the product:
Energy value 3700 kJ / 900 kcal
Fat 100 g
including saturated fatty acids 60.4 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
including sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

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Żona stosowała to masło w ciazy, pięknie pachniała :)

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Masło kakaowe

I na zewnątrz i do środka, skóra piękna, buzia słodka!

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