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What is tahini sesame paste?

Tahini is a basic ingredient of many dishes of traditional Middle and Far Eastern cuisine, as well as Mediterranean cuisine, specifically Greek. Its history dates back over 4,000 years and it is extremely difficult to clearly determine where exactly it comes from.

Tahini (tahini) is a paste prepared on the basis of sesame seeds, obtained by grinding roasted, shelled seeds. Due to the fact that they are previously roasted, tahini has an intense aroma and a rich nutty flavor, which is similar to peanut butter.

No chemical ingredients or preservatives are used to produce tahini !

Why is it worth using sesame butter in our home kitchen?

Tahini is classified as a superfood . It is one of the richest sources of magnesium and calcium.

In addition, tahini is a unique combination of nutrients such as protein and amino acids. It is also a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids.

What dishes can I use sesame tahini paste for?

Tahini is, above all , an irreplaceable ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes, including hummus, baba ghanoush and chickpea paste. In Arabic and Greek cuisine, it is also used as an ingredient in dips, sauces and even sweet cakes.

Tahini sesame paste can also be used to season meat, fish, vegetables, as well as cakes and soups. It can also be used for homemade halva, sesame sauce or tahini sauce. When mixed with agave syrup or corn syrup, it is perfect for desserts or directly on bread.

After opening, tahini should be stored in a tightly closed container at room temperature.

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Tahini paste - where to buy?

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Learn the secrets of real tahini and the behind-the-scenes of production

The Real Tahini

Energy value, 2777 kJ / 672 kcal
Fat, 60 g
- including saturated fatty acids, 9.6 g
Carbohydrates, 3.6 g
- including sugars, 1.7 g
Protein, 25.4 g
Salt, 0 g

Product information

  • Ingredients: 100% Organic Sesame shelled and roasted
  • Country of origin: Greece
  • Net content: 300g / 600g
  • Certificates: Product from organic farming, certified: PL-EKO-03 -see certificate.
  • Allergens: The product may contain peanuts and other nuts
  • Distributor: Nutkraft sp. z o. o
  • Expiration date: The product comes from regular deliveries.

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Najlepsza jaką jadłem

Jadłem kilka past sezamowych i wszystkie były gorzkawe. Ta natomiast nie ma ani krzty goryczy, jest wyśmienita, różnica w smaku jak zwykły cynamon porównać z cejlońskim, kto wie ten wie 😁

Teresa Nowakowska

Najlepsze jakie miałam :)

Weronika Żogała

5 na 5

Monika Dzik
pasta sezamowa

Zdecydowanie pyszne masło sezamowe. Kto nie próbował niech już żałuje! :)

Roma Wołcz

Dzieciaki wyjadają ją ze słoika z dodatkiem miodu

Iga Wszołek
pasta sezamowa

Cudowna, naturalna pasta sezamowa :)