Organic Ghee Butter

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What is bio ghee clarified butter

Ghee is clarified butter, the recipe of which comes from ancient India. They are obtained by clarifying the highest quality, fresh and unsalted butter obtained from cow's milk. During the slow heating process, the layer of solids (impurities) and liquids (purest butter) separate from each other. As a result, we get the healthiest fat.
It is definitely healthier than margarine and refined oils, which is why it is appreciated more and more in everyday cooking. Ghee has a more distinct, yet more delicate flavor than traditional butter. Free from milk-derived solids, lactose and casein free. It is a real, pure fat, so it can be eaten by people who are allergic or intolerant to milk proteins. It is considered a rejuvenating product in Ayurvedic (Indian) cuisine.

Why is it worth introducing bio ghee butter into our daily diet

Perfectly withstands high temperatures during frying. Adds a unique aroma to fried foods. It is a component of the original bulletproof coffee recipe. Free of lactose and casein is a great alternative for people with lactose intolerance.

Product information

Producer: Michał Pelc ANAGRAM, ul. Wiarusa 3/3, 32-087 Zielonki

100% BIO Milk fat

Country of origin:


Net quantity:

240g / 500g


Organic farming product

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Ghee Butter Nutritional Facts

Nutritional value in 100g of the product:
Energy value 3700 kJ / 900 kcal
Fat 100 g
including saturated fatty acids 60 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
including sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

Customer Reviews

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Beata Goik
Ghee butter

Najlepsze masło na rynku .Polecam .

Monika Dzik

Pomimo swojej ceny warte zakupu. Rewelacyjny smak prawdziwego masła klarowanego jakie kiedyś robiły moje ciocie na wsi!

Sandra Olbert
Pyszne, aromatyczne

Pyszne, aromatyczne ( orzechowe) masło ghee. Uwielbiam, dodatkowym atutem jest ten duży słój. Świetna cena do jakości produktu. Polecam!!!! W kuchni do smażenia używam tylko klarowanego na zmianę z kokosowym. Oczywiście wszystko z EkoGramu!