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Jul 03, 2018 Michał Pelc


There were supposed to be 3 prizes, but I liked 4 recipes so much that I have no heart to award only 3 prizes :)

Meet the winners!

1st Place - Millet and coconut truffles

Half a glass of rinsed and boiled in a glass of coconut milk (maybe half and half of water), 3/4 of melted dark chocolate 70%, 3/4 of a jar of @ekogram coconut paste and 80g of dates (about half a glass) I pour boiling water over the dates to soften and pressed it hard. I blended groats, chocolate, paste, dates to a smooth mass and chilled in the fridge until it could be made into balls :) I covered the balls in the powder of freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries. Of course, you can coat them, for example, in shavings or dark chocolate. Recipe and photo author: Magdalena Kapała

2nd place - Curry with coconut paste

Ingredients: 6 tablespoons coconut paste, quinoa (1/3 cup), 10 dates, 2 medium beets, 1/2 can red beans, tofu cube spices: sweet and hot pepper, ground coriander, tamari soy sauce, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger (in any amount). We cut all ingredients, add quinoa and spices. When the quinoa is soft, add the paste and cook for a while. Ready! Recipe author: Nikola Mikołowska

3rd Place - Apple pudding with coconut paste

Grate two apples and boil them with a little water until soft. Add a tablespoon of paste, a flat tablespoon of coconut flour and you're ready to go! Quick, easy and so good! If someone likes mousses, you can blemish. Recipe author: Barbara Giertuga

4th Place - Ice Cream with coconut paste

Today we found that the 250g paste does not work for us and we ordered 3kg :) This is probably one of the leading products in our kitchen, and it works mainly when we need coconut milk for quick, or we want to ... ??? Blend the ice cream, previously sliced into slices, with a large spoon of coconut paste, cocoa, dates / raisins, sometimes add tahini or hazelnut paste - cosmos! Recipe author: Justyna Mamala

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