Epsom salt - application, price, where to buy?

Feb 24, 2019 Michał Pelc

Epsom salt, although similar to table salt, has a much wider use. It is a natural mineral compound - magnesium sulphate, which works well in the kitchen, in cosmetics and even in agriculture. When focusing on the use of epsom salt in care, it is worth knowing its possibilities. So, Epsom salt - where to buy a high-quality product suitable for care, in which stores and at what price is it available? When and for what purpose is it best to use it? See what you don't know - and worth knowing - about Epsom Salt.

Epsom salt and its use in cosmetics

Otherwise known as bitter or English, Epsom salt is used in the care of, among others, hair, skin and body . It is worth knowing that it is also found in some cosmetics, such as creams, lotions and shampoos. When using pure salt in powder form, it is usually enough to dissolve it in water. When is it worth using?

Relaxing baths

Epsom bitter salt turns an ordinary bath into a relaxation bath . The skin absorbs valuable micronutrients, thanks to which, after such a bath, we feel regenerated, calm and relaxed. Due to its action, Epsom salt is perfect when added to evening baths as well as after exercise.

Epsom salt - relief for the feet

Thanks to its regenerative effect, Epsom salt is also used in foot baths. Such a procedure will bring relief to tired feet after wearing heels , after a night of dancing or a long day spent actively.

Body scrub

By combining Epsom salt with a shower gel or oil, you can prepare a relaxing body scrub, leaving the skin pleasantly soft and cleansed .

Epsom salt and facial cleansing

Epsom bitter salt, combined with the facial cleanser, also acts as a peeling. The massage will remove dead skin cells and excess sebum, leaving the skin soft and smooth . In addition, using Epsom salt, you can also prepare a refreshing tonic - just dissolve it in water and wipe the skin with a cotton pad. It is worth knowing that cosmetics based on bitter salt, thanks to the sulfur content, support the fight against acne.

Hair regeneration with epsom salt

Bitter salt is also used in hair care - as a mask or rinse . You can add it to your shampoo or use it as a dry shampoo by rubbing it into your hair. Thanks to magnesium , the hair becomes stronger and less brittle , while sulfur helps eliminate the problem of excessive greasy and dandruff.

Where to buy high-quality Epsom salt at a good price?

Due to the outstanding properties of Epsom salt and its wide application, it is important to choose a high-quality product intended for use in cosmetics. Thanks to this, it will be possible to achieve optimal results of care. Therefore, when choosing Epsom salt, it is worth considering where to buy it. It's best to choose an ecological store, where you will find proven products with reliable purity, including Epsom salt at an attractive price.

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