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The 27 most popular Ekogram products – do you have them in your kitchen?

Jan 23, 2024 Michał Pelc

Fourteen years of the Ekogram store! What did you like to buy last year? Time for a summary! Discover the 27 most popular products from our online store. Discover our bestsellers and find out what can enrich your kitchen!

The fourteenth year of operation of our store and our micro-processing plant is behind us. What happened in 2023. I chose twenty-seven of the most popular products that won your hearts. Do you know them all? Check! These are the most common choices of our customers!

Top 27 products

#1 BIO Peanut paste

I am very happy that the paste took first place in the ranking, because it is the first product that we created ourselves from A to Z. We started production 10 years ago and it is probably the first paste in Poland without any additives. It is made from organic nuts, which we bake and grind exactly the way we want and like. I am very glad that you appreciate this product.

#2 BIO Lemon juice

One bottle contains on average about sixteen squeezed lemons. Nice product, very convenient to use, no need to squeeze, you can always have a supply in the fridge. If stored properly, it lasts for about two weeks.

And such an interesting anecdote about never giving up. We introduced this juice to sale about 7-8 years ago. It wasn't very popular and sold poorly. Despite the promotional campaign, we were left with a stock of bottles that we had nothing to do with because they were about to expire. I had no idea anymore, so we started giving them away for larger orders. Then we added a bottle of juice to each order. We gave them all away and the product was withdrawn.

And then the phone calls and e-mails started asking why this product was not in the store. We had to reintroduce it and it started flying off the shelves regularly. Currently, it is Top 2 in our assortment. I always have 10 bottles at home to host friends. You do not know him? Be sure to try it!

#3 BIO Sweet dream

Naturally sweet paste without added white sugar. We received our second medal for it at the ecological fair in Łódź. The base is dates, hazelnuts and cocoa. I'm really glad. I think it's a great substitute for children who like sweet creams. One of my daughter's favorite products.

#4 BIO Oat flakes

Basic breakfast product. We also offer refills for these jars, i.e. large, two-kilogram packages that you can use to refill your jar. A very popular product. Overnight oats are one of my favorite breakfasts.

#5 BIO Coconut mousse

We sell it in several weights, most often you choose a 600 g jar. You can also find this product in Rossmann stores. There is a smaller jar, 250 g. Coconut paste is a perfect base for homemade coconut milk, cakes or oatmeal. Everyone probably knows millet Raffaello, I highly recommend it.

#6 BIO Almond paste

In sixth place is 100% organic almond paste, without any additives. This year we have a harvest from Valencia, last year it was from Andalusia. For two months we have also had a new, more delicate version made of shelled almonds.

#7 Organic Cocoa

A nice product both as a drink and as an addition to porridge. I don't use it myself, but customers praise it very much.

#8 BIO Odorless coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for frying. It is a tasteless and odorless product, so you can use it to fry various foods, such as French fries.

#9 BIO Cashew paste

If you are looking for a naturally sweet nut paste without any additives, you will love this product. 100% nuts, without any additives. Organic cashews. You will also find this product in Rossmann stores. Soon we will also introduce larger 600 g jars to our store.

#10 BIO Virgin coconut oil

It used to be our sales king, currently it closes the Top 10 ranking. Virgin coconut oil is a version with taste and smell, it comes from the Philippines. It sells very well and has been one of your favorites for years.

#11 BIO Tahini - Sesame paste

100% organic tahini, no additives. Also a new weight of 600 g, very well received by customers. Perfect for hummus fans. It goes perfectly with our lemon juice.

#12 BIO Ghee - clarified butter

Another healthy frying product, I always have it in the fridge. I recommend it for scrambled or fried eggs.

#13 BIO Millet

I'm not a fan of millet myself, but customers love it. Be sure to check how to cook millet to make it loose and tasty.

#14 BIO Matcha

There was a time when I drank it every day. Lately, I've been drinking this drink less often, but I still think it's a very nice product. If you want to limit coffee or find a replacement for regular tea, matcha is the solution for you.

#15 BIO Roasted cashews

This is another big surprise for me, because this product also did not gain your approval. We wanted to withdraw it and suddenly boom! The cashews come from our processing plant, we bake them ourselves. These are the same cashews that you can find in butter, lightly roasted and crunchy. They weren't very popular at the beginning either, and now they're already in fifteenth place last year.

#16 Yeast flakes

We have new packaging, a large, roomy jar. It's very convenient to use. And the flakes will be useful in every kitchen.

#17 BIO Roasted almonds

This is one of my favorite products, straight from sunny Valencia. I even take them on vacation. Great as a snack, addition to oatmeal and many other dishes.

#18 BIO Chia seeds

I have the impression that they are gaining popularity again. Convenient packaging in a jar. Since we sell them in this form, I've started using them more for overnight oats myself.

#19BIO Hazelnut paste

This is a product that you either love or hate. Some people complain that it is too bitter or too liquid, others say that there is no tastier hazelnut paste.

I have mixed feelings myself. It's definitely not very liquid, but I agree that hazelnuts are very oily - hence the consistency. Its taste is dry, the queen of pastes.

Also available in a larger weight of 600 g, for true connoisseurs, but I warn you, not everyone likes it. If nut paste can be controversial, this is our most controversial product.

#20 BIO Tamari soy sauce

The second ten of the top 27 most popular Ekogram products closes with Tamari soy sauce - one of the basic products in my kitchen. I always have a large bottle on hand.

Unlike Shoyu, Tamari sauce has no added wheat and is milder in taste. Have to try. In my opinion, Tamari is tastier, but it's a matter of taste.

#21 BIO Unroasted buckwheat groats

Organic groats, unroasted, my favorite. I don't like millet, but I love buckwheat. Buckwheat is white, has light grains and a characteristic taste. Nice product.

#22BIO Extra virgin olive oil

#23 BIO Pistachio paste

Last year, pistachio paste debuted, which you have been asking about for a long time. I am surprised by the phenomenon of this product, I don't understand it and I admit that I don't like it at all. But I have a recipe for pistachio cheesecake from Instagram and someone assured me that once I make it, I will fall in love with this paste. I don't love it yet, but I'm very curious how it tastes in this form. I'll let you know.

24# Organic Vanilla Bourbon

Vanilla straight from Madagascar. Salt, Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla and pepper are the four spices I use most often. So if you like vanilla, I recommend this variant.

25#BIO Ceylon cinnamon

One of my favorites. I won't tell you what the difference is between Ceylon cinnamon and cassia, but I assure you that once you read it for yourself, you will only use the former.

#26 Freeze-dried raspberry

An ideal product for children, for porridge and for immediate crunching. It can also be used as an addition to tea.

#27 ORGANIC Macadamia nuts

Our ranking of the top 27 most popular Ekogram products ends with macadamia nuts. We sell them in a jar so you can see what you are buying. Whole, uncracked, without any fragments, which makes them deteriorate more slowly. Because it is worth knowing that macadamia is the fastest perishable nut. It is worth buying fresh, not rancid.

If you don't like them, there's a good chance they're not fresh. Whole nuts go rancid slower and are much tastier. They must be pale and dry.

Top 27 ranking summary

Here's a look at our 27 most popular products of 2023. From healthy snacks to essential ingredients, our range is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Visit our online store at to discover more! We also invite you to our stationary store in Krakow, Plac Na Stawach 10, Salwator. You can also find our products in Rossmann stores.

What can you find at Rossmann?

Here are selected Ekogram products that you can buy in drugstores:

  • Peanut paste
  • Sweet dream
  • Coconut mousse
  • Tahini paste
  • Hazelnut paste
  • Cashew nut paste
  • Yeast flakes

They will be in small packages (300-350 g).

Do you have your favorite product from our store? Share your opinion in the comment!

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