proteinowy chlebek bananowy

Protein banana bread without protein powder

Mar 02, 2023 Michał Pelc

Do you like bananas? Fancy a sweet breakfast? You will surely love this recipe! Check how to prepare high-protein banana bread! It's the perfect idea for a healthy snack, breakfast or a tasty dessert for guests! Ready? Let's do it!

I have prepared for you an interesting recipe for an unusual banana bread. I will tell you that with the bread that I ate and made so far, it combines only bananas and cinnamon. However, the effect is brilliant and definitely worth trying this version!



    How to make banana bread

    Prepare a large bowl to fit all the ingredients. Put the bananas in it and mash them with a fork. Remember that the older the bananas, the sweeter and better they will be. So if you have bananas that are already lying around a bit at home, it will be a great opportunity to give them a second life.

    I shred bananas

    When the bananas are ready, add two eggs, maple syrup and continue to mix.

    adds eggs

    The next step is flour. We enter in turn:

    • chickpea flour,
    • oatmeal,
    • ground flaxseed.

    added flaxseed

    We keep mixing.

    Time for the next ingredients, i.e. spices mixed with tapioca starch. Then add Icelandic yogurt. If you don't have skyr, you can use greek yogurt. Finally, add the almonds.

    adds skyr

    adds almonds

    Mixing the ingredients with a spoon is a bit tiring, so if you have a hand mixer, feel free to use it. The finished dough should have a slightly semi-liquid consistency.

    ready-made banana bread dough

    How to bake banana bread

    We preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

    As for the mold, it is best to use a silicone one. It can also be classic, but then I suggest that you line it with baking paper - it will make it easier to get the bread out of it.

    I put the dough in the mold

    While the oven is warming up, put our dough into a mold and pour a solid portion of nut paste. Then bake for about 50 minutes, depending on the oven.

    At the end we will make a peanut butter topping, also an amazing set!

    You can use peanut paste from our store for this. You will also find other products there - practically 300 products from our processing plant.

    banana bread in the oven

    Bread served

    Important! After baking, you need to wait a while for the bread to cool. Finally, we slice it to see:

    • what is the structure
    • how flexible is it
    • what it looks like inside.

    protein banana bread

    The perfect banana bread will be slightly sweet. It tastes a bit different than the classic one, but I think it's very tasty and it's worth trying it in this version.

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