Why is it worth eating peanut butter?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

The pop-culture synonym for breakfast is certainly peanut butter, lavishly spread on slices of bread or pancakes in American films. For many years, this "American dream" has been taking root in Poland more and more - what do we need to know about it? Let's see.

Why is peanut butter healthy?

Tastes are not discussed! Opinions vary, but it is difficult to find a person who would not like the taste of a good nut paste. However, in this case, will the rest of the body be as pleased as the taste buds? Fortunately, yes! It is worth eating natural peanut butter because it is healthy and rich in vitamins and other nutrients. However, it should be remembered that only the best products made of nuts themselves and those that do not contain unnecessary additives (such as salt, preservatives, artificial colors) will have full value. Also, do not forget that there are different types of "peanut butter", you will find out by checking out spreads and peanut butters ! in our offer.

What are the types of peanut butter?

Peanut butter can be prepared from almost all types of nuts. However, many of them have become much more popular than others. Belong to them:

Hazelnut paste - - it contains a lot of magnesium and vitamin E and is perfect for the daily diet.

Cashew nut paste - - a rich source of incl. magnesium and potassium. This paste is also characterized by a low glycemic index.

Coconut paste - - that is, the wealth of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it can be used in many other ways, which you can read about here .

Peanut paste - - source of vitamin E and Omega-9 acids. Perfect for a sports and vegan diet.

A similar product to nut spreads is also Tahini - that is sesame butter. This traditional element of the diet in the Near and Far East is a treasury of calcium, magnesium and vitamins B-1, B-2, B-5 ​​and B-6.
However, it is worth remembering to choose only natural nut pastes - i.e. those that contain no unnecessary sugar, salt or oil additives. Unfortunately - popular products of this type available in our stores - also those intended for children! - they have little to do with real peanut butter.

Hazelnut paste - 100% BIO - Organic

How to make peanut butter at home?

An alternative to store-bought nut spreads is, of course, "home production". Contrary to appearances, it will not require a lot of time and costs, and the recipe for peanut butter is quite simple. In practice, the product itself will be necessary for this, i.e. nuts and a decent blender or other mixing device (it often turns out that ordinary blenders cannot cope with mixing nuts).
When choosing nuts, it's best to choose the shelled ones and shell them at home. Prepared in this way, it is enough to pour in and mix to the desired consistency - some prefer to feel pieces of nuts, others support 100% smooth pastes. It is worth mentioning that some people subject their nuts to the roasting process before mixing them. If someone likes this option more, then of course you can use it, although it must be admitted that it has a negative effect on the nutritional properties of peanut butter.

BIO Cashew Nut Paste - 100% - Organic - 300g

When is the best time to eat peanut butter?

Good nut spreads are a healthy and filling part of the diet. There are many ways to use it - you can eat it in its pure form "straight from the jar", as a breakfast spread for bread and pancakes or as an addition to muesli. Other options include the use of peanut butter as an addition to sweet cakes or creams, or e.g. spicy poultry dishes.

If you like peanut butter, it is also worth remembering that it will be perfect for a sports or ... slimming diet! The nutrients contained in nuts give energy and support the reconstruction of muscles, and numerous unsaturated fatty acids enrich the diet. Of course, you cannot overdo it, because eating a few slices of bread with a thick layer of paste three times a day will not be so advisable, because we have to be careful with calories. Therefore, it is also worth remembering about other healthy products - you will find them in our online store with organic food .

Natural peanut butters are an excellent part of a varied diet. Many people ask themselves whether it is worth eating peanut butter? Of course! It is recommended for virtually every person, it is a rich source of many nutrients, a delicious delicacy and an addition to many dishes, so it's worth eating them! Bon Appetit!

We also recommend the text " Peanut butter - everything you need to know about this delicacy ".

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