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Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

What to eat in the so-called meanwhile, when there is still some time until lunch or dinner? Many working or studying people struggle with this question every day. When the stomach persistently demands food, it is easy to be tempted to reach for a bar or random fast food. And yet you can bet on healthy snacks ...

Sweets, hamburgers or French fries give the desired feeling of satiety, but they contain a huge dose of calories, chemicals and other substances that adversely affect our body. It is much healthier and more beneficial for the figure to reach for healthy snacks. Especially since we will prepare many of them at home. They are healthy, tasty and, above all, quick to make!

First, some technical details ...

Eating well is a matter of choice and being well organized. After all, we will also want to take such snacks to work or school. For this purpose, it is worth buying small plastic, tightly closed containers and vacuum bags. A cup closed at the top will also be useful. Salads can be successfully prepared in the evening, saving time in the morning . If you are preparing a vegetable salad, remember that after salt it can release a lot of juice. It is better to add spices just before eating, and just prepare and cut the vegetables in the evening.

Our suggestions for healthy snacks:

1. Muesli with yogurt

A classic of the genre. You can easily buy yoghurt anywhere, and you can prepare the muesli mixture at home from your favorite ingredients. But there is something else. The amount of available ingredients means that you can compose a different set every day. Such muesli will never get boring. A mixture of healthy chestnut flakes, expanded rice, amaranth combined with yoghurt and sprinkled with, for example, coconut flakes with a spoon of honey or agave syrup will allow it to survive calmly until dinner or lunch.
It is definitely better to prepare your own cereal, because the mixes you buy contain a lot of sugar, sweeteners, candied fruit, or even chocolate . You can also add fresh, seasonal fruit to such a set, which further diversifies the menu.

Organic coconut shavings - ecological BIO Oat Flakes - Organic

2. "Sandwich" with sesame paste

Brush the green leaves of Chinese cabbage, romaine lettuce or chicory with sesame paste mixed with a little agave syrup. Place one leaf on top of the other in order to form a 1.5 cm layer. This is a very original, light snack . Perfect for people who find it difficult to force bread into themselves in the morning.

Sesame Paste - Tahini BIO - 100% Organic Tahina

3. Coconut milk cocktail

To make this delicious cocktail you need one banana, a pinch of cinnamon, 100 ml of coconut milk, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix all ingredients until smooth. Banana, coconut and cinnamon are the perfect combination of flavors . Besides - such a cocktail is the same health.

4. Salad with spelled noodles

Spelled flour, which is used to make healthy pasta, contains much more protein than wheat flour . What's more, spelled pasta is also rich in other nutrients. It contains dietary fiber, vitamins A, D and E, copper, zinc, selenium, linolenic acid and silicic acid . Delicious, filling tubes are the perfect solution for people who attach great importance to healthy food.
The spelled pasta salad has endless variations. The easiest way is to add chopped cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, a handful of scalded walnuts, fried slices of beef or chicken, mixed lettuce, orange wedges, and olives to the cooked pasta. The variant with tuna or egg also has a lot of supporters. At the end, sprinkle with vinaigrette sauce and sprinkle with roasted pumpkin seeds and soy sauce. Such a dish can replace one hundred percent dinner. If we take a salad to work or school, remember to give up the addition of garlic, onions or other strongly fragrant spices, the aromas of which may cause some discomfort to the environment.

5. Dried fruit and delicacies

Various types of dried fruit and dried fruit are also great as a snack. Pistachios, cashews, dried dates, raisins, and banana chips are healthy, quickly satisfy hunger and provide essential vitamins. However, they are quite caloric, so instead of the entire package, it is better to put one serving in a separate container, otherwise the temptation to eat everything at once may be too much. Which nuts and fruits should you choose?

Pistachio nuts
Dried dates
Banana chips

Every balanced and healthy diet recommends eating at least two healthy snacks a day - which will not only satisfy your hunger, but also provide all the nutrients the body needs. In addition, ideas for healthy alternatives to calorie chips and salty sticks will also be useful when we watch a movie in the evening, go to the cinema or friends come to visit us.

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