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Tofu scramble - a recipe for a delicious vegan breakfast

Jan 04, 2023 Michał Pelc

Do you like vegan cuisine? Tired of eggs for breakfast? You must try this dish! Tofu scramble is a delicious vegan dish known as scrambled eggs without eggs. Try this recipe and even people who don't like tofu will like it! How to prepare it? See for yourself!

Ready for a new dish? Recently, we prepared menemen - Turkish eggs - and this time we will fry eggs without eggs, i.e. tofu scramble - scrambled eggs based on tofu. We will prepare it with a secret ingredient that will make it tasty even for people who don't like tofu.

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Tofu scramble recipe

To prepare tofu scramble for two people you will need:

Tofu for tofu scramble

The first step is, of course, the right tofu. It must be hard. We do not choose the silken tofu in packages similar to feta cheese. It is too jelly-like, has the consistency of soft cheese. Such tofu is not suitable.

The tofu for tofu scramble must be firmer, more fleshy.

First, we'll have to gently drain them. A kettle (only not hot) is best for this. We put the tofu on a plate and gently press the kettle to get rid of excess water. This will keep the tofu from being too watery.

tofu for the tofu maker

I drain the tofu

Delicious tofu scramble - the secret ingredient

The secret element of our dish is the sauce that will make the tofu more eggy. To prepare it, we need:

These two ingredients cannot be omitted.

Optionally, you can add a little garlic (half a teaspoon) and a little chilli. I like this version very much, but you don't have to add them.

Do you want to know what will make your ttofu scramble delicious? These are:

  1. Yeast flakes that you can find in Rossmann stores.
  2. Tahini - you can also find ours in Rossman.
  3. Oat milk , our secret ingredient.

the sauce is tofu

1) Mix all the ingredients for the sauce. Thanks to salt, Kala Namak starts to smell like eggs. I don't like the smell myself, but luckily it will get lost in the tofu and you'll be fine.

2) Grind the pressed tofu, dividing our cube into large pieces. The tofu I use resembles bryndza – the cheese is quite hard.

3) Shredded tofu, the sauce is ready, so we can proceed to frying. Heat the pan and pour in the oil.

4) Throw in the tofu and fry it for a while. At the same time, they can be further fragmented. I like finely chopped tofu.

5) When the tofu turns yellow in places, it's a sign that we can add our secret sauce. And we mix again.

I fry tofu in a pan

add sauce to tofu

How to serve tofu scramble

Tofu scramble is ready! We got the perfect portion for two people. You can also prepare it with your favorite additions - if you like scrambled eggs with mushrooms, chanterelles or onions, you can also add your favorite ingredients here. I like the classic, with bread.

And if you liked the recipe, subscribe to my channel! For me it will be information to record more similar materials. Enjoy your meal!

tofu from the pan

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