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How to cook pasta - learn reliable ways

Jan 12, 2023 Michał Pelc

Cooking pasta seems to be a simple matter. However, as it turns out, it's easy to make mistakes. So how to cook pasta to bring out its best taste? I invite you to read a short article, in which I will share with you my proven tricks for perfectly cooked pasta.

Pasta dishes reign in our kitchen. And no wonder! They are simple, quick and very tasty. Above all, however, they allow for freedom in combining flavors and ingredients according to our preferences.

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3 steps to perfectly cooked pasta

Cooking the perfect pasta requires following 3 basic rules, thanks to which you will avoid the most common mistakes.

Step one: choosing the right pot

Pasta likes a lot of water, so a larger pot is better than a smaller one. Otherwise, the pasta will steam, not cook. It is also a safe option for people who are just starting their adventure with cooking. Why? Because a large pot that will not be completely filled with water will help us avoid boiling over, and thus - cleaning the cooker.

pasta cooking pot

Step 2: Boiling and salting the water

Pour about 70% water into the pot and bring it to a boil. Always put pasta in boiling water, never in cold water. Another important rule: salt the pasta only when the water boils. This allows the water to boil faster. You save time and energy!

Once the water boils, it's time for the salt. We spare no salt. So how to choose the right proportions? Let me explain:

Add about 7 grams of salt per liter of water. The water after tasting should be salty - otherwise the pasta will have no taste.

Our water has already boiled, salted. Add the pasta and cook according to the instructions on the package. If you will be using it for some sauce, then it is best to cook the pasta al dente or even a minute less.

Here's another important note:

We do not add any oil or oil to the water to prevent the pasta from sticking together! Believe me - it does nothing. Oil will not mix with water anyway, but will float on the surface.

The pasta should be rough and porous so that the sauce will stick to it. I don't think anyone likes the sauce flowing from the pasta... So just pour the pasta into boiling and salted water. It really is enough!

pasta cooking water

Step 3: Straining the pasta

Our pasta is cooking. And if you are looking for good organic pasta, e.g. made of durum wheat or recently very popular vegetable pasta, with high protein content, e.g.

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When the pasta is ready, strain it in a sieve. And here attention! It's easy to make probably the biggest and most popular mistake, which I also used to make - I tempered the pasta, rinsed it with cold water. Unfortunately, such a procedure washes out the starch from the pasta, and with it about 70% of the flavor . Also don't do that please! Unless you have bad pasta, then this will be a good solution.

Ready! Follow these tips and I guarantee you that your pasta will always be perfect, like from the best Italian restaurant.

straining the pasta

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