Vegan fudge - only 4 ingredients

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Vegan fudge with peanut paste, coconut mousse, agave syrup and chocolate drops is a simple and quick recipe.

You only need 4 ingredients :)


1. Add Coconut Mousse and Agave Syrup to the saucepan and heat it gently. The mousse will start to dissolve and we can then easily mix it with the agave syrup.

2. Add Peanut Paste to the mixed mass and mix it again until it is homogeneous.

3. Divide the ready mass into 2 parts. Pour 1/2 into a mold. This will be our first layer of fudge. We will use the other half for the next layer.

4. Dissolve the chocolate drops in a water bath. When they dissolve, we mix them with the rest of the mass.

5. Apply the mixed 2nd layer to the first one :)

6. Done, put it to cool.

You can see everything best in the short video recipe I have prepared for you.

Video recipe for vegan fudge

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