How to prepare porridge?

Oct 22, 2018 Michał Pelc

Oatmeal is an instant breakfast or dinner

Any flakes are enough for this, water or plant-based milk plus your favorite additives. You will prepare a hot dish in 10 minutes. Exactly what you like.

Try my version and then feel free to experiment with your own.

Base for porridge

The oatmeal is based on water, plant-based or cow's milk. It doesn't really matter, each one can taste very good if you prepare it properly.

Oatmeal with coconut mousse

I don't use too much plant-based milk in my kitchen. It's practically only useful for porridge. That's why I usually buy a small 500ml cardboard box, and then throw it away because I have nothing to use it for.

That's why I always prepare my porridge with coconut mousse. This has many advantages, you can prepare as much milk as you need, and the rest will not spoil and wait for the next porridge. The mousse jar lasts for a good couple of months.

It is enough to boil the water and add a few tablespoons of the mousse to it. The temperature mousse will dissolve by itself and we have coconut milk ready. The mousse also has the advantage that it does not contain any additives. It's 100% coconut.

What kind of porridge?

My favorite petals are:

    • classic oatmeal
    • rice flakes
    • chestnut petals - slightly sweet
    • millet flakes
    • buckwheat flakes

I use the first two most often. I always have a spare jar at home :)

How many oatmeal flakes per person?

I usually use 60-70g of cereal, I can't eat more.

How much milk for porridge?

The rule of thumb can be 2: 1. Twice as much water as the petals. So for a glass of cereals (portion for 2 people) let's give 2 glasses of water / milk.

If you give a little too little or too much, nothing will happen. You can always add a little water if the porridge is still too hard or boil it a little longer if you give too much. Just don't overdo it :) Better to give less and top up than too much. It's a safer solution.

Ingredients for the preparation of porridge

To prepare my porridge, you will need:

Additives for porridge

The best additions are oatmeal, fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, pears, dates. You can also use dried fruits such as apricots, dates or plums. I also often add cashews or almonds.

How to sweeten porridge?

If you don't use very sweet toppings such as dates, the porridge may not be sweet enough for you.

To sweeten porridge, you can use:

    • xylitol
    • erythritol
    • sweet syrups
    • coconut sugar
    • sugar cane

Link to the video below:

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