Tahini - sesame paste - how is it made and what to use for?

Sep 18, 2018 Michał Pelc

What is tahini paste and why is it so difficult to prepare? Read the article and check what sesame paste is worth using in your kitchen. Find out also what I recommend to combine tahini with to get an interesting flavor composition!

Tahini , or sesame paste, is quite an oriental product, very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. However, this dip is gaining more and more fans also in Poland, which I am very happy about, because I love tahini myself.

Do you know what real tahini should look like? It must be thin and oily. And contrary to appearances, it is not so easy to get the perfect consistency.

Many people say that tahini can be easily prepared at home and that it comes out great. But what I see in the pictures unfortunately does not look like the original product.

Preparing tahini - why is it so difficult?

Want to know the secret to the perfect tahini? The key to obtaining the right consistency of the paste is ... the degree of roasting the sesame. And as it turns out, it's not an easy task! What factors hinder this process? These are:

  • difference in grain moisture
  • the microscopic size of a sesame

It's really a great art to roast the beans perfectly - not too hard, not too weak, just right.

Once you get used to a perfectly roasted one, you'll never try anything else! And that's how it works. Anyway, if you managed to make a nice sesame paste at home, it was probably an accident.

Preparation of tahini vs. preparation of peanut butter

The situation with peanut butter is much simpler. You can make nice butter at home if you have:

  • good peanuts
  • good blender

Then you can easily make super butter. There are no doubts!

It's really not that easy with tahini, and we didn't manage to do it. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't either. However, you must be aware that in most cases it is a difficult task to get the same quality and taste every time.

What to use tahini for?

Tahini is a paste that can be used in many ways. I will share with you my proven recipes.

Sesame paste hummus

The basic use, known to everyone, is hummus. Check out my fastest canned chickpea hummus recipe . This is an easy and quick version for beginners - you'll do it once or twice.

If you've used store-bought hummus so far, it's worth making it at home. The difference in taste is huge. Start with this canned chickpea hummus recipe - it's quick and easy. If you like it, then I recommend making a more ambitious version with boiled chickpeas.

Tahini in the form of a dip

Tahini is also a great dip, especially for sweet snacks, such as sweet potatoes. Slightly bitter sesame paste fits perfectly with this type of flavors.
I also recommend dates dipped in tahini - another great thing.

I guarantee you that the combination of sweetness and bitter taste is a successful culinary composition. Do you want proof? The taste of halva, which is a combination of honey and bitter tahini.

Another interesting form of using tahini in the kitchen is adding it as a sandwich sauce to vegetable burgers.

Original Israeli hummus

It was my dream to eat real Israeli hummus. I recently had the opportunity to make them happen. However, at first I was… slightly surprised, even disappointed.


Because I didn't like it! And I've been waiting for this culinary experience for a really long time. And then I went back to the version I ate before. And what turned out? She was useless to me.

Hummus in Israel is often seasoned with bitter tahini paste, thanks to which it has an intense flavor. I can't imagine any other hummus.

A popular way to eat hummus in Israel is… topping it with onions! We take a portion of hummus from a bowl of onions. I don't think I've had this version of raw onion before, but with hummus or tahina, these flavors complement each other very well. I recommend to try!

Tahini from a proven supplier

After starting the production of our peanut butter, the next step was to be the production of tahini. I was very happy when we started technological trials. And what turned out? We got cool, average, cool, average, average, cool, average, cool...

Until we finally gave up.

I didn't want to accustom customers to a certain quality and then change it. And a decision was made to look for a good supplier. We checked a lot of different options, finally we came to Greece, to a man who has been making tahini all his life and prepares it much better than us.

And as it turns out, it was a good decision!

Many customers consider our sesame paste to be one of our best products. We have nothing to be ashamed of. And I'm very glad that we ended up in exactly this place. Thanks to this, we offer sensational tahini without any additives, which has the same, perfectly liquid consistency every time!

Be sure to try it!

organic tahini

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