A new brand of BIO Products in Rossman

Aug 22, 2018 Michał Pelc

One of the largest drugstore chains in Europe, Rossman, expands its range with new products. We can buy there a long time ago, not only cosmetics, perfumes or household chemicals, but also food products more and more often.

It turns out that the demand for organic food and organic products is increasing. This is due to the growing awareness of the importance of healthy eating. It is true that certified ecological products are not popularized on a large scale yet, but for some time we have been able to find them in the Rossman network without any problems.

The main advantage of healthy food from Rossman is its availability - we can find it in almost every city and town throughout Poland. In addition, we can be sure that the bio products in this drugstore chain come only from reliable suppliers. The brand with which Rossman has recently started cooperation is Ekogram - a producer of certified food, obtained only from controlled crops. Organic coconut mousse and peanut paste are the first two products of the Ekogram brand - The Real Food in the Rossmann chain.

100% BIO coconut paste finally available from Rossmann

Mousse or coconut paste is the dried and ground coconut flesh without any additives. It is a peanut butter made of coconut only, laughs Michał Pelc - the owner of the company.
It is naturally sweet and has a strong coconut flavor. It is best served warm and straight from the jar. This is great topping for pancakes, omelettes or pancakes, for example.

It also works great as a base for real homemade coconut milk. Just blend the mousse with water to get delicious coconut milk - exactly as much as we need. When we need warm milk, e.g. to porridge, it is enough to add a little mousse to the boiling water - the paste will dissolve on its own, giving ready-made milk with a perfect consistency.

Organic peanut paste

The Ekogram peanut butter distinguishes the way nuts are roasted. They are prepared dry, without the use of oil. The paste also does not contain salt, sugar or other additives. The only ingredient is peanuts - natural and unprocessed. Due to the high protein content, it is recommended for physically active people and vegans.

Nut paste is a tasty addition to bread, toasts, cocktails, rice and cereal wafers, countless desserts, pancakes, porridge, and even cakes or sauces. It goes well with both sweet and spicy dishes. It is a proposal that will be perfect for the breakfast table, giving you energy for the rest of the day.

Why is this brand worth trusting?

Ekogram is a producer of healthy food, we appreciate both in Poland, where they received a gold medal at the largest eco fairs, and abroad. Participated, among others at the most important ecological fair in the world - BioFach.

More and more people are convinced of our products. He appreciates that they are different from what is available on the market. With some degree of scale, this movement cannot be ignored anymore. Hence the growing interest of large retail chains in our products - notes Michał Pelc, the owner of the company.

Organic food Ekogram so far has been known only to experienced connoisseurs of organic food. It is also available on-lines and in company stores in Krakow. We will buy coconut paste and peanut paste in 200 largest Rossmann stationary stores.

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