Peanuts - nutritional properties of nuts

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Peanuts, commonly referred to as peanuts or peanuts, are a rich source of protein, and at the same time a natural aphrodisiac. They taste great unprocessed, and even better in the form of peanut butter. They first appeared in Brazil, but quickly became known around the world. Few people know that peanuts are in fact not nuts at all, but legumes. They have not only delicious taste, but also a number of nutritional properties. Peanuts and products derived from them are best purchased from a reliable source. A recommended place is the ecological shop , where you can buy roasted bio-peanuts, as well as raw and shelled ones.

Raw or roasted - which nuts should you choose?

It is worth remembering that peanuts and the preparations made from them are a source of substances valuable for health, but only if they do not contain artificial additives, palm oil and white sugar. If you are going to buy a good peanut butter, it is good to check in advance whether it is made of raw or roasted nuts. The former have not been heat-treated and have lower allergenic properties than roasted peanuts. On the other hand, Roasted Shelled Peanuts also have their own benefits. They are a source of easily digestible protein, healthy, polyunsaturated fats, and vitamins, especially B3 . It is an ideal proposition for all those who live in a constant hurry and stress, and at the same time care about maintaining well-being and taking care of their figure.

Peanuts: for the athlete and the scientist

BIO Roasted peanuts , both natural and roasted, as well as peanut butter obtained from them, are foods recommended for athletes and all those who regularly train. The proteins contained in them are the building blocks for bones and are also conducive to building muscle mass. Peanuts should also be included in the menu of people who work intensively mentally on a daily basis, because vitamin B3, magnesium, and fatty acids contained in these nuts have an impact on the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Peanut butter vs. diet - how does it work?

Contrary to appearances, organic peanuts are allowed in a slimming diet. First of all, they are filling, so after eating them, we usually no longer need to reach for additional snacks. They also have a positive effect on metabolism, because the fat they contain does not accumulate in the body, but is burned quickly. In addition, peanuts also have a lot of fiber, which significantly affects the proper functioning of the digestive tract. You just have to remember to chew on them as thoroughly as possible, because that's when they absorb the best.

For health and beauty

Zinc and vitamin E ("vitamin of youth") contained in bio peanuts have antioxidant properties , and thus prevent aging, and have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

A trusted place to shop

If you already do peanut shopping, it's best to go to a proven eco store, where we can be sure of receiving unprocessed raw materials as well as natural products with a proven composition. The recommended address is the online store, which is also a producer of healthy food.

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