What to fry on - 4 products that are suitable for this

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Fresh pork chop with a crispy crust? Delicious beef burger? If you are drooling at the thought of these dishes, you must have a lot to do with frying. It seems to many to be one of the easiest ways to prepare a meal. Is it true and is it possible to fry "healthy"? Find out from our text!

Why can't you fry with all types of oil?

Frying is one of the most common ways to prepare fat-based dishes. Although this process is less healthy than cooking or baking, it is difficult to give it up completely. However, you should know that during frying, the oils are subjected to high temperature, which significantly transforms their structure and composition. Then, harmful carcinogenic and toxic substances are formed - such as acrolein or acrylamide. Fortunately, by choosing the right products for frying, we can reduce the amount of unhealthy substances produced.

The best frying oils are those with a high smoke point (burning point) and the least polyunsaturated fatty acids as they are most susceptible to the negative effects of temperature. A favorable combination of these two elements, unfortunately, contains few products. As a rule, you can reject almost all extra virgin oils, which are characterized by a much lower smoke point compared to refined vegetable fats. But what are the best options?

Rapeseed oil

Many people will be surprised that one of the best frying oils will be the one made from native rapeseed. In its refined form, it has a high smoke point (205C) and an appropriate composition, with a small amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids. This makes it perfect for most applications.

Coconut oil

Refined coconut oil is also very good for frying. It contains saturated fats that work well at high temperatures, and the smoke point of 20C allows you to fry freely. It should be remembered that cold pressed coconut oil does not have such properties anymore.

Unscented Coconut Oil - BIO - Ecological

olive oil

Olive oil is one of the few popular vegetable oils that can be used to a limited extent in Extra Virgin frying. The smoke point of around 160C allows you to fry some products. For serious frying, however, use a refined version of this oil, which will work well at much higher temperatures.

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Clarified butter

Animal fats can be an alternative to vegetable oils. However, while ordinary butter is not suitable for frying - except for scrambled eggs - then the ghee clarified butter is perfectly fine. It is a specially adapted product, created by removing solids from butter and characterized by a high smoke point (approx. 235C). It is worth adding that the noble ghee butter will be a very good choice in the kitchen - it contains more vitamins and microelements than most refined oils.

Of course, there are also other oils and fats that are worth using in your daily diet. Check out the vegetable oils from our offer .

Clarified Butter - Ghee - Primär

How to fry healthily?

Admittedly, frying is not the healthiest way to heat-treat food. The amount of harmful compounds that will be formed depends not only on the type of fat used. It is equally important to follow the rules of proper and healthy frying.

  • Never fry the used fat at once, as this will cause an accumulation of harmful substances and their contact with the food from the very beginning of cooking.
  • Always fry in hot (but not smoking!) Fat. This will reduce its absorption by the food.
  • Never add fresh fat when frying, as this will accelerate the release of harmful substances.
  • Do not fry for longer than needed and do not fry food a second time. This will limit the amount of fat absorbed.

Frying is definitely an indispensable element of Polish cuisine. Fortunately, when taking care of health, we do not have to give it up completely! Just follow the rules mentioned in the text!

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