How to choose nuts to keep them fresh and tasty?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

I love nuts and I have eaten a lot of them. As a child, I loved hazelnuts. Every once in a while, my grandmother gave me a "student mix". I always started my consumption by looking for the literally few hazelnuts that were in the package. It was like that until the day when, while on vacation in Italy, I met the Dutch offered me pistachios. After returning to Poland, I looked for them in nearby stores, unfortunately to no avail. I was waiting impatiently for another vacation ...

Many years of my observation of nuts show that macadamia nuts, pine nuts and Brazil nuts are the least durable. These nuts are quite greasy and tend to go rancid, especially macadamia nuts. Anyway, I've never had any problems with freshness.

How do you know fresh macadamia nuts?

It is best to buy unshelled macadamia nuts, but they are very hard to find. I have personally met with them only once. The shell is hard and splitting is quite troublesome.
When buying shelled nuts, it's best to choose the pale yellow ones. These are the freshest. Over time, darker greasy spots will appear on the nuts. This is a sign that we will have to eat them within a few weeks. If the nuts are all dark yellow and greasy, it is better to look for others, the best times are behind them and can be distasteful.

It is also best to choose whole or half nuts - they will stay fresh for the longest time. Small pieces will go rancid faster.

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Pine nuts and cedar nuts

Similarly, we distinguish between fresh pine nuts and cedar nuts. They will be pale yellow. Over time, they will get darker and appear greasy. These should be avoided or made into a pesto as soon as possible.

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Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts should also be pale yellow under the skin. If greasy stains start to appear on them, eat them as soon as possible.

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