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How to prepare matcha latte and matcha iced latte?

Nov 16, 2022 Michał Pelc

Do you like lattes? Meet its tea version! See how to prepare matcha latte and matcha iced latte. Only three ingredients are enough to prepare them!

In one of the previous episodes, I showed you how to prepare the classic matcha , and today I will present you the latte version - hot and iced. Matcha latte is a lighter version of the classic matcha, prepared with the addition of milk. Thanks to this, it is milder, and tastes good even to those who do not like classically brewed matcha. Matcha on ice - matcha iced latte - is the perfect choice for summer heat.


Matcha latte base

The basis of our latte is, of course, matcha – I use the one from our ecogram store. How to recognize a good matcha?

  • It is a Japanese product.
  • By color - when you rub it in your hand, it will be very green, saturated. Neither yellow nor pale green, just an intense shade of green.


We start with a solid teaspoon of matcha. Put it on a sieve and pass through it. Do not skip this step, because thanks to this you will get rid of lumps and the matcha will be easier to grind.

I'm sifting matcha


We do not use boiling water to prepare matcha, it is water at a temperature of about 80 degrees. We pour literally a little water, from 50 milliliters, thanks to which we get the consistency of a paste.

You can use a chasen or - like me - a milk frother. It can also be a hand whisk, but the frother works very well. Our base is ready, which you will recognize by the characteristic foam.

I mix matcha

the other ingredients

The second ingredient in matcha latte is milk . You can use your favorite kind:

  • cow,
  • oatmeal,
  • almond.

I usually choose oat milk myself. I pour 200 ml, heat it gently and froth it.

I froth oat milk

There is also an optional component . I usually skip it, but if you like sweet drinks, you can add a teaspoon of your favorite syrup, for example maple syrup . Then the matcha will be slightly sweeter. This version may appeal to people who are not used to the taste of matcha.

matcha lattes

How to serve matcha latte?

It's best to serve them in a tall glass - pour the frothed milk, add matcha and it's ready!

Iced lattes

Matcha Iced latte is a great solution for extreme heat. It is very cool, refreshing and even easier to prepare.

Will be needed:

  • tall glass,
  • a lot of ice,
  • oat milk - we pour it about 200 milliliters.

And of course matcha, we start with it.

Quickly sift a solid teaspoon of matcha through a sieve, add a little boiling water and prepare our paste again, a kind of match leaven. Mix with chasen or frother.

Ready, foamed matcha pour into a glass with ice and milk, and you get a beautiful iced latte! Simple, right? Bon Appetit!

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