Don't buy ground flaxseed !!

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

The topic of ground linseed and linseed oil appears in our stores at least once a day. This is a topic that you are very interested in and I am very happy about it.

Will I get ground flaxseed from you?

We do not offer ground linseed as it oxidizes very quickly. In fact, by the time it reaches the store, it already loses most of its properties.

The best solution is to grind flaxseed - alone. It's really nothing difficult. I already explain everything.

BIO Linseed - Organic - 500g

Ground or whole linseed?

If you really do use linseeds regularly, a separate coffee grinder will be the best solution, in which you will grind only grains (e.g. linseeds, milk thistle or poppy seeds). It is not a large expense (PLN 60-150). This is the most convenient solution, you will receive a portion of freshly ground beans in literally 30 seconds.

How do I grind flaxseeds in a coffee grinder?

1. Pour flaxseed into the grinder (preferably exactly as much as you need)

flaxseed ground in a coffee grinder

2. Grind in short bursts of a few seconds so as not to heat up the linseed. If necessary, you can mix the ground kernels with a teaspoon between batches.

flaxseed ground in a coffee grinder

3. After about 30 seconds, you have the freshly ground flaxseed ready.

flaxseed ground in a coffee grinder

It is important to choose a grinder with a blade. Burr mills do not work well, they get clogged very quickly and are difficult to clean.

If you are a beginner and you are not sure if this is the product for you. It's a shame to invest in a grinder right away. There are better solutions for occasional users.

I recommend you a moment of fun with the mortar. It requires a little more attention than the grinder, but it also works great. If you don't have a mortar and can't borrow one from Mom or Grandma, don't worry. For the first attempts, you only need a glass with a flat bottom and a similarly shaped bowl. I have used this set as a mortar more than once :)

How to grind flaxseeds in a mortar?

1. Pour flaxseed into the grinder (preferably exactly as much as we need)

2. Beat a mortar with circular movements

3. After a few minutes of grinding, you will get freshly ground linseed

ground flaxseed in a mortar

Can I get linseed oil from you?

Unfortunately not and I regret it very much. Currently, it is too big a logistical challenge for us to always have fresh oil available. I hope that soon we will have so many customers for the oil that we will be able to press it for you once a week and it will always be fresh in our stores. Currently, I recommend you to find a small press that will provide you with freshly pressed linseed oil.

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