Ghee - everything you want to know about clarified butter

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Ghee is a term derived from Indian cuisine and means clarified butter. Ayurveda attributes to him a whole range of positive properties that are beneficial to health. In our culture, it is better known mainly for its culinary qualities, but it is high time to change that. This is why you should get interested in ghee. Traditional Hindu medicine considered ghee to be the elixir of life. He is even mentioned in the Kama Sutra. It was supposed to stimulate the body's natural vital forces and cleanse it of harmful substances. Ghee is "liquid gold" - butter in its purest form, without any impurities.

Clarified butter

Ordinary butter is quite easy to burn in a pan. There is nothing to be ashamed of, probably each of us has burned butter at least once in our lives. A moment of forgetfulness in the kitchen is enough and the butter is burnt. It's not difficult :) It's because ordinary extra butter contains 82% fat, the rest is mainly water and dairy sugars. That's why it's so easy to burn ordinary butter.

If you like a buttery flavor in your dishes, ghee clarified butter is a much better solution.

clarified butter

Clarified butter composition

Clarified butter is made by slowly heating extra butter at the right temperature. This usually takes around 24 hours. During this time, the water slowly evaporates and finally we get clarified butter consisting of 100% fat - without water and milk sugars such as lactose.

Ghee clarified butter consists only of fat. Thanks to this, it has a much higher smoke point than ordinary butter and it withstands high temperatures very well.

Real clarified butter should be labeled: Ingredients: 100% clarified milk fat. It should not contain any additives.

clarified butter composition

Ghee butter and clarified butter

Clarified butter and ghee are two names of the same product. They do not differ from each other in the production process and composition. Neither is better than the other. These two names are used colloquially to denote the same product. However, it is always worth checking the information on the label what a given product contains. Information on the composition of clarified butter can be found in the paragraph above.

ghee clarified butter

Clarified butter, which to choose?

There is a large selection of clarified butters on the market, they differ significantly in price. That is why many customers have a problem, which clarified butter to choose? It is worth choosing clarified butter from a proven manufacturer.

Here you can see how our clarified butter is made

We offer two types of clarified butter:

  • BIO Clarified butter - ghee : made of organic butter, extra from milk from cows grazed in the meadows of Nowy Sącz. The price of ecological clarified butter is PLN 29.99 for a 240g jar and PLN 49.99 for a 500g jar.
  • Clarified butter - ghee : made of butter, extra from milk from cows grazed in the meadows of Nowy Sącz. The price of clarified butter is PLN 19.99 for a 240g jar and PLN 54.99 for a 780g jar.

Clarified butter where to buy?

Are you wondering where to buy clarified butter? Check out our health food store .

We also have a health food store in Krakow where you will also get fresh extra butter, from which we produce our clarified butter. Welcome!

ghee clarified butter

BIO Clarified Butter - Ghee - Ghi

Ayurvedic medicine for many ailments

Hindu and Pakistani cuisines have been using ghee successfully for hundreds of years because of its digestive properties. Hence its popularity for frying, stewing and baking. Consuming clarified butter was also attributed to paramedical properties. Ghee works for us:

  • detoxifying,
  • supports concentration,
  • prevents anemia,
  • soothes inflammation of the digestive tract and accelerates wound healing.

Ayurvedic masters even claim that because it is butter in its purest form, it does not clutter our mind and does not interfere with the natural energy of our body.

Clear butter, i.e. healthy fat that is useful every day

You don't have to be a supporter of Ayurvedic teachings to appreciate the benefits of ghee butter. For quite a large group of people, a sufficient recommendation is the fact that clarified butter is free of lactose and cow's milk protein. Therefore, it can replace traditional butter in people with intolerance to these ingredients . Consuming clarified butter will benefit everyone regardless of age: from infants to seniors.

Ghee clarified butter can be used in place of cow's butter, i.e. added to:

  • vegetables,
  • soups,
  • groats,
  • pasta,
  • fish
  • prepare cakes on it,
  • bake, fry and stew.

It is worth adding that ghee can be heated to very high temperatures. It only starts to burn at 205 degrees Celsius. It is delicate, easily digestible and tasty, with a slightly perceptible nutty note.

Ghee clarified butter has a long shelf life. It can be stored without a refrigerator for up to 12 months (at a temperature below 18 degrees).

If we want to give ourselves energy, and at the same time to look young and eat tasty, we must try ghee butter. This product will not disappoint anyone. Its lovers even say that if it were not for the fact that they use it themselves, they would never believe that such a wonderful and tasty product can really exist.

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