Homemade jelly beans. Try to make them and you will never buy gummies in the store again!

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Everyone knows and loves them. Most of us get to know jellies in early childhood, we fall in love with them right away and we have a weakness for these sweets throughout our lives. We are told from everywhere that they are healthier than other sweets and that it is worth eating them. Nothing could be more wrong. Jelly beans bought in the store are not healthy at all and in a moment we will prove to you that you should avoid them like fire.

What is it in ready-made jellies?

Shop jelly beans are almost Mendeleev's table. They are full of various E and artificial dyes. Beautiful colors, unfortunately, do not come from natural ingredients. Quinonine yellow E104, which has already been banned in Norway, Finland and the USA, is particularly dangerous, as it may cause allergic reactions and has a carcinogenic effect, and E124 cochineal red. This component in turn burdens the liver, kidneys, reduces fertility and may also be carcinogenic. The acidity regulator, tartrazine E102, and brilliant blue E133 also have a negative impact on our health.

Artificial dyes and additives are one thing, but the jelly beans also contain animal gelatin, which is made from animal waste: cartilage, bones and skin fragments. Nutritionists have been fighting the phenomenon of jelly beans for years, emphasizing that they contain a lot of sugar and have no nutritional value. 100 g of jelly beans are as much as 12 teaspoons of sugar, which is approx. 300 kcal. The same amount of energy is provided by a serving of French fries, 3 slices of wheat bread or a piece of cake.

BIO Agar Agar - 20g

Shop jellies - why it's better to avoid them from a distance

Frequent snacking of jelly beans is a simple way to caries, overweight, and in later age atherosclerosis and obesity. Sugar is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Nutritionists emphasize that the problems with concentration, hyperactivity, and difficulties in controlling emotions, often found in schools and kindergartens, are also caused by an improper diet. Eating jelly is dangerous especially for children, because due to the low body weight, all dangerous substances accumulate more easily in their bodies. Jelly beans from the store are definitely not an ally of healthy eating, supporting physical and mental development.
Fortunately, you don't have to give them up completely. They can be made at home. Not only will they be healthier, but made from a double portion of the ingredients right away, they last a bit longer. The little bags in which the jelly beans are packed disappear in the blink of an eye. The sweet taste and the sugary smell of jelly candies simply make it impossible to stop eating them. You can make any number of jellies at home, and then just snack without worrying about your health.

BIO Vanilla - Ground - Bourbon - 10g

Healthy homemade jelly beans

Homemade jelly beans are much healthier. All you need to do is find a healthy alternative to gelatin and replace the artificial colors with real juice. Instead of sugar, use syrup or one of the less caloric sugar substitutes (e.g. xylitol ).
Instead of gelatin, homemade jelly beans are agar-agar, a healthy gelling agent made from algae. We have replaced artificial dyes with fruit, thanks to which our jellies are full of vitamins and minerals. Natural fruit sugar gives the jellies enough sweetness, so you do not need to sweeten them additionally.

How to make jelly beans at home?

See how to prepare homemade jellies from ingredients that you can find in our store ( agar-agar , vanilla , coconut milk ):

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