3 facts that will convince you to buy coconut sugar

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Coconut sugar is an absolute hit among substitutes for traditional white sugar. It is distinguished by a high content of minerals and vitamins, as well as a low glycemic index. If you add a surprising taste and aroma to it, you get an ideal product that is worth including in your diet. Here are 3 facts about coconut sugar that you need to know.

Coconut sugar certainly deserves more attention. Especially now, when there is so much talk about the need to limit the amount of traditional sugar consumed and many people are looking for healthy substitutes. Coconut sugar is undoubtedly one of them, besides, coconut sugar is a "luxury" product that you should definitely know more about.

How is coconut sugar made?

At the beginning, it is worth mentioning that coconut sugar is obtained from the coconut palm. It is a unique plant that Sanskrit calls "kalpa vriksha". Loosely translated, it means that it is a tree that meets all the needs of life. Therefore, no one should be surprised by the popularity of all coconut products - for example coconut oil.
To make coconut sugar, coconut flowers are first cut open, and the thick, watery juice dripping from them is collected and set aside. When it thickens (excess water evaporates from it) and is filtered, it is boiled until the whole mass crystallizes. After cooling, it is subjected to a granulation process, and in this way an unusual caramel-colored sugar is obtained.

What does coconut sugar taste like?

Interestingly, there is no sense of coconut in coconut sugar. It has a strong caramel flavor and aroma. It is also very gentle and dissolves quickly. It almost melts on the tongue. Coconut sugar is the perfect, "sophisticated" addition to desserts and drinks. It can also be used to bake cakes, cookies, prepare drinks and cocktails. Coconut sugar also interestingly enriches the taste of exotic, spicy food, e.g. wooka dishes. Sprinkled with it, fish and meat dishes not only acquire an oriental flavor, but also look really interesting. It is also worth enriching protein supplements and energy bars with it, because it is not only tasty, but above all it is very healthy.

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Is coconut sugar healthy?

Coconut flower sugar contains a lot of minerals, especially iron, zinc, calcium and potassium, and B vitamins (mainly B1, B2, B3 and B6). It is also distinguished by a low glycemic index. This means that after you eat it, your blood sugar level does not rise rapidly. There is also inulin in coconut sugar, which slows down the absorption of glucose by our body.

What else can you replace sugar in your diet?

In addition to coconut sugar in health food stores - so you will also find many healthy sugar substitutes with us .

It is worth trying the syrups , which are available in various flavors, and most importantly, they ensure that "sweets do not follow us".
A good solution for gourmands is also xylitol or erythritol recommended by nutritionists. These products are visually almost indistinguishable from traditional sugar, but are much lower in calories, do not raise blood sugar levels, and are even recommended by dentists because they have strong oral health benefits and prevent tooth decay.
Coconut sugar is not only a healthy sugar substitute, but also gives the prepared dishes a unique taste and aroma. It is worth including it in your menu also for the sake of health-promoting properties. Without a doubt: it is a unique product.

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