Why is freeze-dried cranberry better than candied?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

There is no need to convince anyone about the taste qualities of cranberries and its beneficial properties. The fruits of this plant have been known to mankind for centuries - we have been consuming its preserves such as jams, juices or candied fruits for a long time. We rarely eat raw cranberries. But these are not all cranberry suggestions. Currently, it is also available in a freeze-dried form - such cranberries are definitely healthier than candied ones. Why? Below you will find the answer.

Cranberry is a rich source of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, E as well as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper and iodine. It also contains lots of tannin, citric, malic and benzoic acid, which is a natural preservative. Its fruit has a characteristic sweet and sour taste. Cranberry is very health-promoting. It has long been used in the treatment of kidney and bladder diseases . It has antibacterial properties, thanks to which it effectively supports the body's fight against urinary tract infections. The berries of this plant also have antioxidant properties. It also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, including the risk of a heart attack.

Freeze drying - what is it?

Freeze-drying is one of the methods of food preservation. It consists in freezing the food and then drying it (freeze-drying). Most of the water is removed from frozen food - from 80% to as much as 96%. This method of food preservation ensures, firstly , that all nutritional values ​​such as vitamins, fats, proteins or carbohydrates are preserved, and secondly, it protects the food from deterioration. Food products subjected to the freeze-drying process do not lose either color or taste. This method of preservation was first used in period II. World War II commissioned by the US government. The goal was to obtain light (in terms of weight) food rations for the army. Freeze-dried preparations are in the form of powders or lumps. They can be hygroscopic, thanks to which they dissolve much better than glass or crystalline preparations. It is believed that freeze-drying is the most perfect form of food preservation. Freeze-dried food is very popular among people who like active leisure.

Cranberry - Freeze-dried BIO Freeze-dried cranberry - Organic

Cranberry: freeze-dried or candied?

Cranberry subjected to the freeze-drying process retains all its properties, from taste, aroma to all vitamins and other nutritional values. It does not contain any sweeteners or preservatives. It can be used for:

  • enriching muesli or breakfast cereals,
  • compotes,
  • desserts,
  • porridges and snacks for children, and even fruit teas.

Candied cranberry is very sweet and is a great alternative to the popular snacks - nuts or raisins. Remember, however, that it is not dietary - it contains a lot of sugar. This is due to the production process - fruit candying consists in preserving them by repeatedly frying them in increasingly sweet syrup. All candied fruits (as well as cranberries) subjected to this method are protected against spoilage thanks to their saturation with sugar in about 70%.

Freeze-dried cranberries are definitely better and healthier than candied ones.

Firstly, it contains all the vitamins and nutritional values ​​(just like fresh fruit), and secondly: thanks to the freeze-drying process, no sugar or preservatives are added to such cranberries. As a result, it is healthier and much less caloric than candied fruit. The choice is probably simple.

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