What to replace white sugar?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc


It has a practical zero glycemic index, so it can be consumed against diabetics. It is less sweet than traditional sugar. When replacing it in recipes, you need to add 35% more. It does not cause tooth decay.


It is available in 2 versions: Finnish - produced mainly from birch and beech wood. Chinese - made from corn. It has a very low glycemic index - 8 and 40% lower caloric content than ordinary sugar with the same sweet taste. It does not cause tooth decay.

Coconut sugar

It is made by slowly heating the juice of coconut flowers. Contrary to popular belief, cream-light sugar is the tastiest and most valuable. The dark versions are simply burnt and too caramel to taste. The glycemic index is at an average level of 35.

Maple syrup

Drill a small hole in the maple trunk for a small tap, from which the juice flows straight into a pail or a system of pipes leading to a large reservoir. The juice is heated until it thickens. Grade A syrup is very light, delicate and still contains a lot of water. Thick and aromatic syrups with a low water residue are class C.


The properties and taste of honey depend on the environment in which the bees were stationed. The most popular types of honey are: multifloral, rapeseed, buckwheat, honeydew, acacia and linden. Real honey always crystallizes. It is a natural process and you should not be afraid of it as it does not affect the properties of honey.


It is naturally very sweet fruit. They can be easily ground into a sweet paste that can be replaced with sugar in home baking, such as banana bread.

what to replace sugar

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