What to use instead of sugar?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

We all know theoretically about the proven harmfulness of sugar. In practice, it turns out that we often exceed the daily dose recommended by nutritionists. Not only our eating habits are to blame, but also the fact that sugar, due to its preservative properties, is added to many other products, which we often do not even know. For the sake of your own health, it is good to replace white sugar with its healthier and less caloric counterparts. How to do it?

American scientists are sounding the alarm that sugar should be included on the list of hazardous substances on a par with nicotine and alcohol ... It has no nutritional value and is called "empty calories" for good reason.
Many people do not associate their health with their diet at all. Meanwhile, it is, among others: excessive consumption of sugar can lead to such ailments as: hyperactivity, nervousness, irritation, difficulty concentrating, skin problems, indigestion, susceptibility to infections with yeasts and molds, or the feeling of constant fatigue.

However, sugar is unequal to sugar.

White, refined sugar, which we use at home to sweeten drinks or bake cakes, is certainly not a recommended food. However, we need natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables. To stay healthy, you need to find a reasonable compromise between the recommendations of nutritionists and your own preferences, such as sweet morning coffee, tea or a piece of cake. The solution may be sugar substitutes or the use of unrefined sugar.

Sugar isn't always the same

Sugars from all over the world perfectly satisfy the desire for a sweet taste. They are full of vitamins, especially B vitamins, and high in iron . Some of them have a unique, extremely original taste, typical of their country of origin. They blend in perfectly with the dishes of the region's cuisine. For example, unrefined, organic palm sugar from Indonesia is a perfect match for Thai cuisine. The sugar obtained from the coconut flower is as exotic as it is aromatic ( see here ) .
Natural sugars do not contain any additives (which are abundant in white sugar) and can be successfully used to sweeten hot and cold drinks as well as homemade cakes or cocktails. A wide range of sugar flavors from different parts of the world is a great inspiration for your own culinary experiments and an opportunity to try dishes from different parts of the world.

Sweet for health ...

The healthiest sweetener in the world is agave syrup . Much sweeter than traditional sugar, it is also distinguished by a high content of natural enzymes, minerals, fiber and inulin. For this reason, it can be used even by people with diabetes.
It is also worth reaching for natural cane sugar, which has a beautiful, golden color and a unique caramel flavor. A pleasant, mild aroma is also distinguished by the sugar beet syrup ( see here ) . It has the consistency of thick honey and a dark brown color . Perfect for porridge, yoghurt, muesli . It can also be used for baking. Beetroot syrup also contains a lot of minerals, incl. calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.
… And for the benefit of the figure
People who care about their figure can reach for xylitol - available with us . It contains over 40% less calories than traditional sugar. What's more: it does not ferment in the digestive tract, so it is not conducive to the multiplication of yeast and mold. It can be used like regular sugar, because it resembles it even in color and consistency.
There are many alternatives to white sugar and everyone can choose something for themselves with the benefit of health.

Agave syrup Tapioca syrup

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