Edible chestnuts - a recipe for health

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Edible chestnuts are still an exotic delicacy in our country and practically unknown to many people. Pity. After all, they contain many of the nutrients and vitamins we need - 100 g of chestnuts contain as much vitamin C as lemon. Why is it worth including chestnuts in your daily diet and in what form to eat them? Let's see!

At the outset, it should be noted that the chestnut actually has little to do with the chestnut that grows in our parks. It is a plant from the beech family (the horse chestnut that flowers for high school finals comes from the soapstone family). Its fruits are hidden in characteristic, spiky shells (there are 3 nuts in one shell).
Unfortunately, chestnuts do not naturally occur in our climate, they feel much better in warmer regions - for example in Italy or France (where they are extremely popular - there was a slogan: "In Paris, the best chestnuts are in Pigalle Square").

How to eat chestnuts?

There is no simple answer to this question. Because, in fact, there are as many amateurs of eating these nuts as there are so many ways to eat them. Fresh edible chestnuts can be successfully eaten raw, the dried ones are eaten after being boiled or baked (in this form: baked in old school stoves, they also begin to appear on our streets). Edible chestnuts can also be eaten in grated form - as flour or chestnut flakes, which you can find with us . As a curiosity, it can also be added that chestnut soup is extremely popular with our western neighbors.
Regardless of which "chestnut" product you choose, it will have an excellent taste - sweet, slightly nutty. Therefore, in several places around the world - incl. in Hungary, chestnut paste is used as an additive to confectionery. But their biggest advantage is not the taste, but the nutritional value ...

Nutritional values ​​of edible chestnuts that will convince everyone!

In addition to the aforementioned vitamin C, of ​​which chestnuts contain a lot, they are also a rich source of magnesium. In 100g there is as much as 45mg of this valuable element. In addition, we can find here:

  • potassium (600 mg / 100 g)
  • calcium (40mg / 100g)
  • phosphorus
  • sodium
  • iron
  • zinc
  • manganese
  • Folic acid. J.

They also contain lecithin that supports memory and a whole range of vitamins: B1, B2, E and A. They also contain fiber (about 7g in 100g) and starch, which changes into complex carbohydrates during thermal processing. Thanks to this, they are a product that satisfies hunger and gives energy.

It can be seen, therefore, that everyone should include chestnuts in their diet, especially people practicing sports, weakened and those who want to fight many deficiencies . Chestnuts are a delicacy appreciated especially in autumn - when in bad weather and a clear decline in form they give energy - and the response to the aforementioned slogan was: "Susan only likes them in autumn". There must be something to it.

Chestnuts recipes for success

Chestnut products are starting to appear in our stores. Chestnut breakfast cereals and flour are becoming more and more popular. Its use was even recommended by Hildegard of Bingen, who wrote that chestnuts are "a remedy for all ailments of the liver and elevated levels of liver enzymes."
Regardless of whether the medieval herbal medicine specialist was right,our chestnut flour can be added to baked goods - they will then get a unique taste and aroma.
Today we give you a recipe for a healthy breakfast - chestnut and millet pancakes:

  • 4 tablespoons of millet
  • 2 tablespoons of chestnut flour
  • ½ banana
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 teaspoon of stevia
  • 1 tablespoon of raisins
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1 mango

Boil the millet and, after cooling, blend it with egg white and banana. Then add the stevia, chestnut flour and mix thoroughly. Fry the pancakes and serve with sliced ​​fruit and raisins.

If you are not comfortable with chestnuts in the kitchen, you can also try a ready-made solution -try our Chestnut Pancakes - ready in 5 minutes!

How to buy?

Of course, it's best at trusted sellers who offer products with the BIO marking - then we will be sure that we get the highest quality product. If we buy such chestnuts, we have no choice but to enjoy their taste and properties.

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