The topic of ground linseed and linseed oil is in our stores at least once a day. It is a topic that I am very interested in and I am very happy about it.

Will I get ground flaxseed?

We do not have ground linseed in our offer because it oxidizes very quickly. In fact, before he reaches the store, he loses most of his properties.

The best solution is to grind it yourself. It really is not difficult. I explain everything.

If you actually use Siemia regularly. The best solution will be a separate coffee grinder, in which we will only grind grain (for example, milk, milk thistle or poppy seeds). It is not a big cost - PLN 60-150. This is the most convenient solution, in just 30 seconds we get a portion of freshly ground beans. The cost is also not astronomical.

It is important to choose a grinder with a blade and at the same time as small as possible. Grinders do not work well, they clog up very quickly and are hard to clean.

If you are a budding amateur, you do not know whether it is a product for you. It's a pity to invest in a grinder immediately. There are better solutions for occasional users.

I recommend you a moment of fun with a mortar. It requires a little more attention than a mill, but it also works great. If you do not have a mortar and you can not borrow it from Mother or Grandma, do not worry. For the first trials you just need a glass with a flat bottom and a bowl of similar shape. I have used this set as a mortar once :)

Will I get flaxseed oil from you?

Unfortunately, I do not regret it. Currently, it is too much a logistical challenge for us to always have fresh oil available. I hope that soon we will have so many customers for oil that we will be able to pump it for you once a week and it will always be fresh in our stores. Currently, I recommend that you find a small press shop that will provide you with freshly pressed linseed oil.

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