Learn the history of the ekogram

See how the last 14 years of our adventure with certified organic food looked like. During this time, we have built a well-coordinated team of 15 specialists and enthusiasts responsible for every stage of the development of our products.

Michał Pelc

I am the founder and owner of the ekogram - the real food. The idea for a company dealing in the sale and production of organic food was born in my head quite suddenly and unexpectedly. At that time, I did not think that I would be able to develop a business that would become my way of life. I put everything on one card and in retrospect I can say that it was worth it! I think that the ecogram has contributed to the development of nutritional awareness in Poland, and our offer meets the needs of the modern consumer.

See how it all started!


We modernize the line for bottling products into bottles (BIO Tamari soy sauce, ecological oils). The production of own caps significantly improves their quality and eliminates problems that may arise when closing and opening the bottle many times. I defend my diploma thesis: Market of organic products in Poland and I obtain agricultural qualifications.


We check trends at THE ORGANIC MARKET & TRENDS in Barcelona. Last year we refreshed the interior of the store, now it's time for the facade and a new display case. Soon more changes in the store in Krakow. We develop the offer of "private label" production for foreign ecological brands. Our products go to the Middle East, to many countries in Western Europe and Scandinavia. I am starting postgraduate studies at the University of Agriculture in Krakow in the field of: Organic farming, traditional and regional products - production and certification


We start the year with the automation of the process of pouring butter into jars. Until now, this was a semi-automatic process. When installing a new production line, we limit allergens in our plant. We withdraw gluten-containing products from our offer, such as: bulgur, spelled flour, spelled flakes and kamut.
We finally have our own lids for jars. At the end of the year, we refresh the interior of our store in Krakow and start selling ecological frozen foods. PEANUT ISLAND premieres on EKOGRAM's 12th birthday.


We are exhibiting together with friends at our own BIOFACH stand. My biggest dream for years is coming true. We run our own nut roasting to have even more control over the production of our peanut butter. Exactly on the 11th birthday of EKOGRAM, a special stove from Turkey comes to us.


Our products appear in Carrefour stores. Once again we are exhibiting at BIOFACH in Nuremberg.


For the first time, we exhibit our products at foreign fairs - BIOFACH. We establish cooperation with Rossmann Polska and increase the availability of our assortment. We release the first loose products in jars. At the NATURA FOOD fair in Łódź, we submit our next product to the competition and for the second year in a row we win the GOLD MEDAL in the "ecological product" category. We move the processing plant to a modern plant in Jodłówka.


We are working on refreshing the packaging design. At the NATURA FOOD fair in Łódź, we present a new branding. For the first time, we are submitting a product to the competition and our BIO chestnut pancakes win the GOLD MEDAL in the 'ecological product' category. I also decide to become a YouTuber 🙂 and set up a YouTube channel where I present products from our offer and show that everyone can experiment in the kitchen.


We are moving our company store in Krakow to Plac Na Stawach 10 in Salwator, which you can visit until now.


Our first own packaging with the famous green forest is created. I order the first pallet racks for our warehouse. We exhibit at the first fair - NATURA FOOD in Łódź.


We entered 2014 with a bang and we are renovating the production hall in Brzesko near Krakow. Our first processing plant for the production of peanut butter will be built here. For the first time we are going to BIOFACH - the most important organic food fair in Europe. We buy an automatic machine for packaging products in doypack packaging. We are organizing the store's first official birthday and in 24 hours you flood us with almost a thousand orders! We start the production of peanut butter without any additives. It is the first such product on the Polish market.


This is a very important year because I decide to certify my mini-plant and focus on selling organic food. Our first pallet truck also appears 🙂 We are also carrying out the first major export order. In addition to loose products, we also offer liquid products: BIO Agave Syrup and BIO Coconut Oil. It's getting cramped again in our micro plant. So we rent an additional warehouse of 35 m2. At the same time, we are starting the renovation of the company store in Krakow at ul. Nowowiejska 31B. We are also working on our first proprietary recipe for peanut butter.


I employ my first employee - Paweł, who prepares packages for shipment, and I can focus on customer service. I already have so much stuff that the room is getting cramped. I decide to scrap the bed and replace it with an air mattress, which I roll up in the morning to make extra space for packages. A moment later it is so cramped that the goods do not even fit in the kitchen. I also have an idea to develop my business. I notice that there is a high demand on the Internet for the purchase of typical dried fruit, dried fruit and nuts. I am looking for their healthier version without additives, in the form of SO2 or sugar, and I decide to start my own packaging in small packages under my own brand. During the holidays, I am also starting the renovation of the first premises (70 meters) for confectionery and a warehouse (Wiarusa 3, Zielonki). At the end of the year, I start selling products under the EKOGRAM ZIELONKI brand.


My offer includes more articles: Psyllium, coconut oil, young barley, jojoba fruit, spirulina and chlorella. Sales are growing, and I can finally afford to rent a small apartment in an old tenement house. Żelazna 1 in Krakow is where I spent most of my time. Here I met many of you and here we talked for hours about healthy food.


Sales are slowly growing, I can afford to buy a printer now, so that I don't have to write the forms to the post office manually. The shelf where I used to put books is already half full of healthy products for sale on Allegro. I'm working on my first online store. www.drpelc.pl


When I was a carefree student, I decided to go on an exchange to the USA to participate in the Work & Travel program. I took a job in one of the grocery stores of the American chain ACME Markets. I was assigned to the vegetable and fruit department. My duties included putting the goods on the shelves and preparing packaged products, e.g. arubz quarters or corn cobs.
While lecturing the articles, I noticed that some of them are labeled "Organic". Back then, that word meant little to me. However, I noticed that these products are clearly more expensive than others, clearly not for my student budget. I was convinced that this was just another American marketing trick and a way to sell the product at a higher price. One day, while working, I came across a batch of "Organic" vegetables and fruits freshly past their best-before date, which were already withdrawn from sale and intended for disposal. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try a few of them during my lunch break. It was a breakthrough moment for me, because I discovered that "Organic" products taste better than the cheapest ACME private label food that I used to buy every day.
I left for the USA as a slim boy weighing 62 kg, and after 4 months I came back almost 30 kg heavier. I guessed that the cause of my overweight was the highly processed, low-quality food that accompanied me on a daily basis. I became interested in the topic of healthy eating and how what we eat affects us. I also liked the university less and less. I missed the ease and independence that I experienced when living alone and working in the USA. I dropped out of college to try my hand at the health food business.
I invested all the money I earned in the US ($1,000) in my own business. I start in my room in my parents' apartment by selling guarana from a German company specializing in the production of dietary supplements. However, it soon turns out that this is not enough. So I order more products from the Czech supplier: goji berries and apricot kernels.