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What is Yoshikawa Nigari salt

It is salt made from sea water as a by-product in the production of sea salt. It comes in the form of white flakes, with a salty-bitter taste that goes well with soy milk. Nigari salt acts as a coagulant, affects the softness and fluffiness of dishes.

In particular, it is recommended to people on a vegetarian or vegan diet and to all those who are looking for new flavors and inspiration in the kitchen.

It contains over 95% of magnesium chloride.

How eating Yoshikawa Nigari salt affects my body

Yoshikawa Nigari salt has more valuable nutrients for our health than traditional table salt. The secret lies in the method of obtaining it, which consists in evaporating sea water, omitting the refining process, and therefore without the need to purify it. Thanks to this, sea salt Yoshikawa Nigari is not deprived of micro and macro elements.

The use of Yoshikawe Nigari salt reduces the level of toxins in food. It is successfully used to regulate deficiency or low levels of magnesium in our body.

A proven way to use Yoshikawa Nigari salt

It is used primarily as a coagulant that coagulates milk in the production of tofu. Brings out the natural sweetness of soy and tofu. To make tofu, dissolve 20g of Yoshikawa Nigari salt in 20ml of water per 1l of soy milk.
Yoshikawa Nigari salt in small amounts can be used as a seasoning for fish or cooked vegetables.
Thanks to its properties, Yoshikawa Nigari salt speeds up the cooking process, thanks to which the vegetables do not fall apart, while maintaining their crunchiness.

Product information

Producer: Michał Pelc ANAGRAM, Wiarusa 3/3, 32-087 Zielonki

Magnesium chloride (from rock salt)

Country of origin:


net quantity:

200g / 1kg


A product of conventional agriculture.

Allergens: The product may contain peanuts and other nuts and sesame due to packaging in the facility where products containing these allergens are packaged.
Expiration date: All products come from regular deliveries.

Customer Reviews

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Klaudia Molenda

Gorzka sól, sprawdza się w produkcji tofu :)

Małgorzata Kumar
Sól Nigari

Znakomicie się sprawdza przy wyrobie domowego tofu. Wystarczy 2-3g na 1 l mleka sojowego, a nie jak w opisie 20g ;).

Iwona Szafraniec
Sól morska

Jestem zaciekawiona ze względu na dużą zawartość magnezu. Czy ktoś zna może szersze jej zastosowanie?

Sól morska

Niedroga sól morska, a o ile cenniejsza niż zwykła sól kuchenna. Warto po nią sięgnąć

Marta Sienkiewicz
sól morska

Nie jestem pewna jaki potencjał ma to coś, ale do tofu warto poeksperymentować w łączeniu nigari z octem jabłkowym itp.