Private label - organic food

We specialize in the production of private label organic food . We produce our own brands of peanut butters (pastes / creams) and other sweet creams. We produce organic ghee (ghe) butter under the client's brand. We deal with packaging and bottling services under our own brand of coconut oil, cooking oils, syrups and other products. We offer a comprehensive private label production service with label printing.

What is private label?

Private label products (own brand) are products manufactured by the manufacturer under the client's brand. Thanks to this solution, the customer does not have to invest his own resources to start production. It can only focus on selling the product. It is a very often chosen solution, e.g. by retail chains and startups.

How to create your own brand?

  • Choose the niche in which you want to start your business

  • Find a private label manufacturer that produces private labels in this product category.

  • Create your dream product. Select the type and size of the unit package. Select the appropriate product weight. Design a label for a product.

How to find a private label producer?

A good choice is a visit to private label trade fairs, which gather private label producers. You can also look for producers of similar products on the market. One of them can also produce private label products.

Contract production of organic food - private label producer

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Our processing plant has an ecological certificate for the processing and sale of organic products.


Michał Pelc