Tabbouleh with quinoa

Jan 14, 2019 Michał Pelc

Tabbouleh is one of the most popular Lebanese dishes. It doesn't need to be heated, so it's perfect for taking to work or school. This is a great box dish.

The base version of tabboleh is with bulgur. However, we will prepare a version with quinoa. It tastes good as well. In addition, it will have more protein and can be consumed by people on a gluten-free diet.


How to prepare a tabbouleh?

  • We start by cooking quinoa.
  • We cut the parsley, mint, tomatoes, cucumber and onion quite finely.
  • We mix all the chopped ingredients together in a large bowl
  • Add the olive oil, lemon juice and spices
  • Finally, add the cooked and cooled quinoa and mix again
  • Done;) We can put some into containers and take it with us to work or school

See the recipe in the video version

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