Test of fresh BIO products in supermarkets

Jan 17, 2019 Michał Pelc

If you are wondering where is the greatest selection of fresh organic vegetables and sheep? Then this post is for you.

I visit networks such as: LIDL, BIEDRONKA, CARREFOUR, AUCHAN. I do not mention specialty stores and marketplaces because they do not have a nationwide range.

Where is the best place to buy organic vegetables and fruits?

At the outset, I would like to point out that this is a very difficult business. I know this because I myself tried to sell fresh organic vegetables and fruits in our stores in Krakow.

Organic vegetables and fruit spoil quickly. Some of them last literally a few days. In addition, customer demand is quite unpredictable. In one week, everyone asks about BIO Buraki. After delivery, everything disappears in a few hours. Next week I order more, nobody buys - everything breaks down. But everyone buys and asks for BIO Zucchini. Well, next week we buy more BIO Zucchini. As you may have guessed by now, almost no one asks about her next week.

For this reason, I admire large retail chains for their interest in this topic.

See a movie from a visit to supermarkets

LIDL - organic vegetables and fruits

Lidl surprised me very positively. There was a large selection of as many as 16 organic products. The store was probably fresh from delivery. The shelves were full and the products looked fresh. Mainly there were vegetables. For my needs, everything I need was practical. Such a solid cooking base. You will also find products from the Polish farm there.

In Lidl you will find such products: BIO Bunch tomatoes, BIO Strawberry tomatoes, BIO Carrots, BIO Beets, BIO Zucchini, BIO Eggplant, BIO Potatoes, BIO Onions, BIO Cucumbers, BIO Peppers, BIO Topinambur, BIO Avocados, BIO Oranges, BIO Lemons, BIO Bananas.

Ladybug - organic vegetables and fruits

In Biedronka, I found 10 organic vegetables and fruits. Half of it is vegetables. The choice was smaller than in Lidl. The products looked slightly worse. I didn't like how they were packed. Most of them were packed individually, each in foil. Even the peppers in one piece were in foil. Unfortunately, I did not find there any products from Polish farms, e.g. the carrot was from the Netherlands.

In Biedronka you will find such products: BIO Apples, BIO Tangerines, BIO Oranges, BIO Lemons, BIO Cucumbers, BIO Zucchini, BIO Avocado, BIO Kiwi

CARREFOUR - organic vegetables and fruits

There were 10 fresh organic products at Carrefour. I am slightly disappointed with this result. Carrefour is my favorite store privately. I believe that they have very good products and a large selection. They were probably just before delivery on the day of the test. I buy there, for example, BIO Bananas, BIO Onions and a few other organic products that I could not find on the day of the test. A lot of products were from the Świętokrzyska Farm, a Polish organic farm. This is a big plus. Some of the products were on a special ECO shelf. However, not all that can be confusing. After all, I really like the changes they introduce. Keep it up!

In Carrefour you will find such products: BIO Ginger, BIO Avocado, BIO Zucchini, BIO Potatoes, BIO Apples, BIO Carrot, BIO Italian, BIO Oranges, BIO Eggplant, BIO Cucumbers.

AUCHAN - organic vegetables and fruits

In Auchan, there was a really large selection, as many as 19 ecological products. At the very beginning, I got scared that they don't have anything organic at all. However, in the end I found a shelf with all the products together. There were quite a lot of them! They didn't look as fresh as Lidl's, but it wasn't bad. The fact that they were the only ones to have products from two Polish organic farms deserves a big plus.

In Auchan you will find the following products: BIO Onion, BIO Shallot Onion, BIO Sweet Potato, BIO Turmeric Root, BIO Cucumber, BIO Onion, BIO Celery, BIO Carrot, BIO Italian, BIO Pepper, BIO Pepper Mix Colors, BIO Tomatoes, BIO Avocado, BIO Oranges, BIO Lemon, BIO Kiwi, BIO Tangerines, BIO Lettuce, BIO Broccoli.

Where is the greatest selection of organic vegetables and fruits?

I don't want to create any store ranking. This is not what I meant when creating this material. I just wanted to show you what the market is like. Anyway, even if Auchan has the largest selection, it doesn't mean anything if they don't have your favorite fruit or vegetable :)

Judge for yourself!

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