A real coconut milk recipe

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

In a moment you'll find out why you never buy coconut milk in a carton again ... This recipe meets all the conditions of a perfect recipe. It's fast, simple and cheap!

Homemade coconut milk

1. You can make them fresh at any time, exactly as much as you need in less than 60 seconds :)

2. You will always have a supply on hand.

2. It will not have any preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilizers.

3. It will be exactly what you like!

4. 90% of the money you used to spend on milk will remain in your pocket :)

Coconut Mousse - BIO Coconut Paste - 100% - Organic

How To Make Real Coconut Milk?

The base of the recipe is coconut paste . Why paste and not, for example, chips as in some recipes?

The basis of every good recipe are the best and least processed ingredients. Coconut paste is just such an ingredient.

Just mix coconut paste with water in the proportion of 2 teaspoons of paste for each glass of water.

The only condition - the water cannot be ice-cold, then coconut oil will precipitate on it. The best solution is lukewarm water at a temperature of around 25 degrees.

We turn on the blender and it's ready :)

Adjust the amount of coconut paste to your taste preferences over time.

Rice or quinoa on coconut milk?

You no longer need to buy canned coconut milk to prepare your favorite rice. You just have to have coconut paste at home. Nothing easier! Add a few tablespoons of paste to the boiling water and stir. The paste will dissolve by itself on the temperature.

How else can I use coconut paste?

Coconut paste is a great naturally sweet topping for all warm bottoms such as omelettes, pancakes and pancakes. Put a tablespoon of paste on your favorite bottom. Do not spread it over. After a while, the paste will melt by itself :)

Check out our coconut milk video recipe and see how simple it is

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