Panelle - simple and quick chickpea patties

Oct 21, 2022 Michał Pelc

Panelle is simple and tasty chickpea patties. These little pancakes are popular street food in Sicily. They taste similar to baked pancakes.

How to make panels?

  • Pour cold water into the pot
  • Put the strainer on the pot and sift the chickpea flour into the water
  • Bring the water to a boil while mixing the dough with the whisk to get rid of any flour lumps
  • After boiling the water, cook for another 4 minutes, stirring constantly, and add the parsley
  • Line a baking tray with baking paper and form the dough into a thin rectangular slice approximately 3 mm thick
  • Leave the dough to cool down
  • Cut the dough into smaller rectangles
  • Fry in deep and very hot fat for several seconds.
  • After frying, dry the residual fat on a paper towel


The dough seems very fluid at first, but thickens fairly quickly with mixing. Remember to stir the dough all the time otherwise it may burn.

Panelle can be eaten alone or put in a roll like cheese.

Recipe for panels

  • Chickpea flour - 1 cup 140g
  • Water - 2 glasses
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Fresh parsley - a tablespoon

I sift the chickpea flour through a strainer

ingredients for lentil soup

I mix the dough with a whisk all the time

I cut vegetables for soup

I add chopped parsley

I add spices to the soup

I put the dough on a baking sheet lined with baking paper

I add passata to the soup

I form a thin rectangle about 3 mm thick from the dough

I add broth to the soup

When the dough has cooled down, I cut it into smaller rectangles

I'm cooking soup

I deep-fry the panels for a dozen or so seconds

I'm roasting pumpkin seeds

Ready panels

I'm blending the soup

The recipe comes from the book - Italia for greens - Alicja Rokicka

I'm blending the soup

I haven't eaten that yet

This series of films encourages you to experiment in the kitchen. In this series, I prepare dishes that I have never made myself. I want to show you that cooking is not difficult at all. I choose interesting dishes from cookbooks and prepare them together for the first time. Check out my new series on YouTube. The recipe comes from the book Italia for greens - Italian vegetable cuisine - Alicja Rokicka.

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