Coconut flour

Apr 30, 2019 Michał Pelc

It is a great substitute for traditional wheat flour - in addition, it is healthy and gives dishes a unique taste - coconut flour , that's what we are talking about. It is a completely natural product that is widely used in the kitchen. It is also an excellent solution for people whose body does not tolerate gluten, and additionally contains fiber and protein. What other properties does coconut flour have and what is the price? Where is the best place to buy it to be sure that the selected product is wholesome? See for yourself!

What exactly is coconut flour and what is its price?

Coconut flour is made from coconut flesh - it is worth knowing that it is a by-product of the production of milk and coconut oil. It has a characteristic coconut flavor and a delicate coconut scent. Coconut flour may differ slightly in consistency - you can find very fine, loose flour, as well as coarse flour with noticeable grains - it depends on the degree of grinding.

Coconut flour has beneficial properties and a wide range of uses , but it is worth knowing that coconut flour is also an excellent price . Until recently, when this product was available only in selected stores, its price was high. Now, almost everyone can afford to choose a valuable product that complements a healthy diet. For 500g of coconut flour, you can pay from PLN 10 in trustworthy stores. What are these stores? Where is the best place to buy coconut flour?

Coconut flour - where to buy a wholesome product?

If you want your coconut flour to be of optimal quality, an organic food store is the place to buy it . You will get eco flour in it, which is distinguished by optimal purity. Check the offer of the Ekogram online store, where you can buy a 100% bio - certified product from the Philippines - one of the world's largest exporters of coconut and products made of it. Additionally, our coconut flour is available at a competitive price! What are the properties of organic coconut flour?

Learn about the properties of coconut flour

Due to the fact that coconut flour is:

  • gluten-free flour ,

  • flour having a low glycemic index,

  • flour containing a small amount of easily digestible carbohydrates,

it can be successfully used as part of a healthy, balanced diet, used by people struggling with celiac disease, as well as diabetics or on a slimming diet.

Coconut flour has great nutritional values ​​- 100g contains, among others:

  • about 433 calories

  • about 20g of protein - making it an excellent product for athletes as well as children and adolescents in the growth phase,

  • about 40 g of fiber - causing a feeling of satiety, as well as regulating cholesterol levels and supporting the detoxification of the body.

In addition, coconut flour also includes high-quality fats with antibacterial or antiviral properties, supporting fat burning.

How to use it, i.e. the use of coconut flour

Coconut flour is used in the kitchen - it can be added to almost any dish. Although it has a noticeable coconut flavor, it is not sweet, so the product will be perfect for both cakes and dry dishes. It can therefore be included in many recipes, replacing it with another flour or mixing different types.

So, reach for coconut flour when you prepare:

  • Pancakes,

  • cake,

  • bread,

  • pizza base

  • breadcrumbs,

  • soups (for thickening).

Regardless of what you use coconut flour for, remember that it absorbs more water than other flours - so it is worth adding more wet ingredients than specified in the recipe, and also thickens the prepared masses or sauces.

Due to its properties, wide application and good price , coconut flour has a positive opinion. Choose a product, prepare pancakes or bake bread and see how it will work in your kitchen!

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