Flour - which one should you choose on your diet?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Flour is an inseparable element of many dishes. During the diet, we try to choose the one that is the least caloric. It is also worth ensuring that the flour supplies our body with vitamins that are often lacking during the diet. There are many types of healthy food available on the market. Check which flour to choose so that it is the lightest and most valuable at the same time.

Amaranth flour

Its composition is only pure amaranth seeds. It is an excellent source of vitamins, therefore when used in the preparation of dishes, it is a valuable supplement to a meal. BIO amaranth flour comes from organic farming, which makes it a healthy part of the diet. It is distinguished by a low content of saturated fatty acids, high content of carbohydrates, of which sugars constitute a negligible percentage, which is an important element in a healthy diet.

Dishes prepared with the use of amaranth flour satisfy hunger and satiate for a long time thanks to the high fiber content. On its basis, you can prepare both dry and sweet - and at the same time healthy dishes, and its delicate nut flavor will diversify your diet.

Chickpea flour

This is another flour from the group of healthy products. By consuming organic chickpea flour, you provide the body with minerals necessary for its proper functioning. Like its predecessor, it is negligible in saturated fatty acids, but much more sugar. In addition, it is a rich source of protein that is worth taking care of during a diet.

You can also use chickpea flour to prepare sweet and savory dishes. In this case, however, it does not enrich the dishes with a distinct, characteristic flavor.

Almond flour

BIO almond flour is a combination of valuable vitamins and minerals - that is, just like in the case of the above-mentioned. products. So what distinguishes it? Very high content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, low content of carbohydrates and sugar. As a rich source of easily digestible protein and fiber, it is extremely nutritious.

Importantly - this flour is perfect for sweet pastries, and the almond note enriches their taste and gives them a unique aroma. Thanks to it, you will diversify your diet by preparing healthy sweets.

So which flour to choose?

If you are in the mood for sweets during your diet, almond flour will be the best choice, followed by amaranth flour , although it has a slightly less noticeable taste. Chickpea flour does not make dishes sweet, but it is a rich source of protein. In terms of sugar content, amaranth flour is the best, but almond flour also does not have much of it and is rich in healthy fats.

Each of the presented flours is a healthy product. Depending on what diet you are following - focused on protein, fats or carbohydrates - choose the one that best suits your expectations. Or ... use all types interchangeably!

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