Protein - the best sources

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

There were already carbohydrates, there were fats, time for protein and its best sources in food. Protein is a macronutrient that we need less for energy purposes and more for building purposes: it is an essential building block for all tissues, as well as numerous biologically active compounds in the body (e.g. some hormones, transporters).

In addition to the amount of protein supplied with food, its quality is also important, which is considered through the prism of the amount and ratio of individual amino acids - or "building blocks" that build proteins. Some amino acids are produced in our body, while some must be supplied with food - that is why they are called essential (essential) amino acids. If a product does not provide all the amino acids in the right amount, it is said to be a defective source of protein.

The easiest way to provide all the amino acids is by eating animal products: eggs, meat, offal, fish, and milk and its products. The advantage of animal products over plant products from the perspective of protein supply is also their better digestibility - that is, the amount of amino acids that we are able to absorb in the digestive tract and use.

Does this mean that vegans have to suffer from a shortage of certain amino acids? Fortunately not, although they have to pay more attention to composing meals. You will read about how to do it next Wednesday.

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