How to cook and expand amaranth

Jun 09, 2021 Michał Pelc

Amaranth is an underestimated but very valuable seed. It contains a lot of protein - 14g and only less than 2g of sugar. You can use this gluten-free grain as an addition to your dinner or in a form similar to porridge. Amaranth can also be expanded (like popcorn). This is definitely my favorite form. This freshly expanded amaranth is 100 times tastier and 5 times cheaper than from the store. I recommend you try it!

How to cook amaranth

  • Prepare amaranth in a proportion of 2.5: 1. So for every glass of amaranth, you'll need 2.5 glasses of water.
  • Boil the right amount of water and add a pinch of salt.
  • Add the amaranth and wait for the water to boil again. Reduce the power of the burner to a minimum just to keep the water gently boiling and put on the lid.
  • Cook for 25 minutes. You don't have to mix or check anything. Amaranth will do itself :)
  • After cooking, the amaranth may look watery, but just mix it and it will be ok.


After the amaranth is boiled, when the stove is at full power and you put the lid on, the amaranth can spill out. Remember to reduce the power to the minimum amount of times. For me, it is a power of 2-3 on a 15-point scale. Set as low as possible to ensure that the water is gently boiled.

Recipe for amaranth

I add amaranth to boiling water

I add amaranth

I add a pinch of salt and bring the water to a boil again

I add a pinch of salt

Cook covered for 25 minutes on the minimum power of the burner.

I cook under cover

After cooking, the amaranth may look quite watery, but it is enough to mix it up

I'm cooking amaranth

Cooked amaranth

cooked amaranth

How to expand amaranth

  • Heat a frying pan without fat to medium-high heat
  • Add a flat spoon of amaranth and shake the pan so that it evenly covers the entire surface of the pan
  • When the amaranth begins to expand, shake the pan repeatedly to mix the grains
  • When 80-90% of the beans are expanded, pour them into a bowl and prepare another portion.


It can be tempting to try to expand all the grains in a pan, but it usually doesn't make sense. Just make about 80% of the grains, the amaranth will then be tasty and will not be burnt. If you try to do more, the rest may burn and eventually the amaranth will taste worse :)

I pour a tablespoon of amaranth on a hot pan without fat

I cover amaranth

I shake the pan so that the amaranth covers the entire surface of the pan

I expand amaranth

I shake the pan every 30 seconds to mix the grains

I roast the amaranth in a pan

We finish the expansion when about 80% of the beans are ready. We pour the amaranth into a bowl and prepare the next portion in the same way.

puffed amaranth

Expanded amaranth

expanded amaranth

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