Guarana - its properties and history

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Guarana is actually a colloquial and short name for the Paulinia Guarana plant . It is a plant that comes from the Amazon. The Indians already knew about its unusual properties, long before the plant found its way to the Old Continent. It was discovered for Europe in the 17th century by the German botanist Paullini. Then her career began ...
Its name comes from the Guarani tribe. They attributed magical powers to this plant, they even called it a gift from god and the elixir of youth. It served them mainly in the treatment of intestinal problems and as a natural stimulant. Coming from the beautiful and for us still exotic South America, guarana has long managed to win the hearts and tastes of people around the world. It is used very willingly because it has a completely natural origin. It adds energy and is not addictive, unlike other caffeine sources.

How does guarana work?

The main action of guarana is stimulation and stimulation. It makes the body able to withstand high physical and mental stress. Of course - as with other caffeinated products - this is a temporary action. Guarana, however, is distinguished by the fact that it keeps the body agitated for a long period of time, up to 6-7 hours! This is because it is absorbed relatively slowly into the body. Guarana is an effective coffee substitute. The beans contain 4-8% of caffeine, which is up to four times the dose of caffeine, from the same volume of coffee beans.

How is guarana used?

Currently, guarana is used as:

  • addition to tea
  • in energy drinks
  • dietary supplements for weight loss
  • and even certain types of beer.

Brazil produces and drinks most of the guarana-based drinks.

Who is guarana for?

First of all, for people who need a quick injection of energy - especially for active people who practice sports. It is also a great choice for people with elevated blood cholesterol levels and problems with the urinary system.

Guarana not only for slimming!

Among the guarana dietary supplements, however, the most popular are those that facilitate the use of slimming diets and accelerate weight loss. Guarana stimulates the work of the brain - it has a great effect on memory, improves our concentration and overall well-being . It also increases our reflexes and makes us immune to stress. This plant is a special relief after a hard day's work, as it adds energy, stimulates and affects our mental condition. Guarana also increases the endurance of the whole body, adds energy, which is why it is an excellent alternative to coffee - of course, if we choose it because of its stimulating properties, not taste.

How to use guarana?

There are many guarana products on the market - from drinks to capsules with this plant. The most popular is of course natural guarana powder - available from us . Why? First of all, it does not contain any additives. It is the most convenient to use - you can add it to yoghurt, porridge and even sprinkle it on a sandwich .

You can also make a cocktail with guarana powder:

  • 2 tablespoons of guarana powder
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • a glass of milk (preferably 0.5%)

Blend all ingredients so that a homogeneous mass is obtained. We drink with ice cubes or mint leaves. Bon Appetit!

Guarana available from us:

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