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Crispy roasted chickpeas - a recipe for a tasty and healthy snack from the oven

Oct 26, 2022 Michał Pelc

Do you like popcorn? Meet its healthier version! Crispy roasted chickpeas are a great alternative to salty snacks that we like to nibble on during film screenings. How to prepare it? Let's do this together!

On the Internet you will find a lot of different variations of this recipe:

  • in the pan,
  • in the oven,
  • with dried chickpeas,
  • with undried chickpeas.

I have tested all of them and I already know how to prepare a really crunchy roasted chickpea .

Watch a video for a recipe for roasted chickpeas from the oven


Roasted chickpeas - get to know the best recipe

To prepare this snack, you will only need a can or a jar of chickpeas - in the video I use organic chickpeas from EkoWital - a little olive oil and my favorite spices.

Step 1 - Pre-baking

First, rinse the chickpeas. There is no need to dry it with a paper towel. In the meantime, we set the oven to 190 degrees.

rinse the chickpeas
When the chickpeas are ready and the oven is preheated, remove the baking tray and pour the rinsed grains onto it.

chickpeas on a baking tray

Put the prepared chickpeas in the oven for about half an hour and gently shake the baking tray every 10 minutes so that the beans are baked evenly on each side.

Marinade for crispy roasted chickpeas

The chickpeas are baked and we will prepare our marinade. The base is, of course, extra virgin olive oil . One tablespoon is more than enough, don't add any more oil, otherwise the chickpeas can be greasy.

When it comes to spices, my favorite version is:

  • a solid pinch of salt,
  • a little bit of my favorite chili.

We mix and our marinade is ready.

But you can also give curry here. Zatar is very nice if you like, soy sauce tastes good too, but I like the classic spicy version: chili plus salt.

pickle for chickpeas

Remember that we add the marinade only in the next step, not at the beginning.

In the meantime, we check how our chickpeas. It's worth shaking it two or three times so that it will be baked in the oven in the same time.

Half an hour of baking chickpeas is behind us. We do not turn off the oven, because it will still be needed, we only turn off the timer.

Step 2 - roasting chickpeas

We pour the chickpeas from the baking tray into our marinade, and then sprinkle them onto the baking tray again. And now, about 12 minutes is enough and our crispy roasted chickpeas are ready.

I add chickpeas to the marinade
I mix the marinade into the chickpeas

When the next 12 minutes of baking is behind us, we can go ahead and turn off the oven. Now wait another 10-15 minutes - I know it's hard to stand! - but when it cools down, it will be even more crunchy. I suspect you won't make any other recipe more crunchy than this one.

chickpeas from the oven

The chickpeas are ready, now there is only the choice of the movie for the evening. Bon Appetit!

crispy roasted chickpeas

If you want to know more interesting recipes, follow our channel and please leave a thumbs up. For me, it will be information to record more similar material. I am also very curious about your favorite spices for such chickpeas. Feel free to post in the comments.

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