Brazilian tapioca pancakes

May 02, 2020 Michał Pelc

Brazilian Pancakes is a one-ingredient and quick recipe for delicious gluten-free pancakes. You can prepare them the way you like: sweet, dry and even spicy. The recipe seems very easy, but it didn't work out the first time. That is why I have prepared a few tips for you that will help you enjoy these pancakes the first time.

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How to prepare Brazilian pancakes?

  • Pour 120g of tapioca into a large bowl. It is worth choosing a much larger size, because it dusty a little while kneading the dough. Prepare 70g of cold water and add it to the dough in small batches. It is very important not to add all the water at once. Tapioca needs to be moistened (moistened) and in order for the whole tapioca to be evenly hydrated, add a small amount of water, break all the lumps with your fingers and then add another part of water. I do it 5 times and it's ok.
  • Put a strainer on the second bowl, preferably with medium-sized holes (you can also use a small strainer, but it is quite laborious) and rub the dough through them, kneading it with a spoon through the strainer. This will turn out to be such tiny shavings similar to coconut shavings.
  • To make it easier to make pancakes the first time, divide the dough into 4 equal portions (for 4 pancakes) is the perfect proportion for a medium pan around 18cm in diameter. Heat the pan to medium temperature (better less than too much). We don't use fat! Pour a dough into the center of the pan and shake the pan until the dough fills the pan. You have about 30 seconds to prepare a nice pancake, then the dough will stick together. At the edge of the pan, the dough will be thinner and it should be gently kneaded towards the center, and finally the whole cake is smoothed out and gently beat. After 30 seconds, turn the pancake and bake it for 30-60 seconds on the other side.
  • We put on our favorite additions as for normal pancakes.

Recipe for Brazilian pancakes

I pour waterI knead the doughdough through a strainerready-made shredded doughI'm frying pancakesI turn the pancakesbrazilian pancakes

brazilian pancakes

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