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Did you know that ashwagandha, derived from Ayurvedic medicine, has been valued for many years for its multidirectional effects on the body ? The ingredients contained in the plant affect the processes taking place in the body, strengthening and anti-stress, among others. Nowadays , ashwagandha BIO is available in Indian medicine as a remedy for many diseases , including asthma, menstrual cycle disorders and sleep disorders. In our store you will find a full-fledged product, available in various variants. Find out when it is worth reaching for it, why organic ashwagandha is so effective and choose a solution for yourself!

What does ashwagandha BIO hide?

Ashwagandha owes its action to the ingredients contained in its root and leaves . It is a plant, grown mainly in India, and the ashwagandha offered by our online store is ashwagandha BIO - certified, derived from organic farming . This is a guarantee of its quality, purity and effectiveness of the biologically active substances contained in it. Organic ashwagandha contains, among others:

  • alkaloids (anaferine, anahigrin, vitanin, somniferine, tropine);
  • phytosterols (beta-sitosterol),
  • AY vitanolides (steroidal lactones) with antibacterial properties
  • glycovitanolides that support the body's immunity,
  • vitanosides.

Due to the presence of individual components, ashwagandha has adaptogenic properties . Adaptogens are herbal substances that effectively increase the body's resistance to stress, support the nervous system , and contribute to the body's better cope with traumatic situations. What other ashwagandha BIO offered by our store has an effect?

Learn about the operation of organic ashwagandha

Ashwagandha BIO, thanks to the presence of these substances, is widely used in supporting the functioning of the body. The ingredients present in organic ashwaganda show the following effects:

  • reducing the level of stress - contribute to lowering the concentration of cortisol, as well as reducing the feeling of anxiety,
  • supporting the work of the brain - they stimulate brain receptors,
  • supporting the fight against depression - ecological ashwagandha can be used by depression and other mental illnesses, including anxiety or neurosis,
  • supporting the fight against male infertility - the substances contained in ashwaganda can show an effective effect in improving the quality of sperm.

In addition, in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha BIO was also used as a remedy for arthritis and bronchitis.

Choose ashwagandha from the Ekogram store!

Ashwagandha available in the Ekogram store is a wholesome product , available in two forms:

  • tablets containing ashwagandha root powder,
  • 100% ground root powder - it can be added to meals, e.g. yoghurt or a cocktail, as well as mixed with water.

It is worth knowing that it is the root that contains the most active substances , and the origin of organic farming is a guarantee of optimal product quality.
Choose a proven product at an attractive price - choose ashwagandha BIO and find out about its effects!

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